How to Type Any Fraction Symbol in Word (+ Keyboard Shortcut)

In today’s article, you’ll learn how to use some keyboard shortcuts and other methods to type or insert any Fraction Symbol on your PC using Microsoft Word and other places.

Note: There are different fraction symbols. Some of them can be typed as symbols whilst others can be made up using the insert equation function.

Without further ado, let’s get into it.

Method 1: Using the Insert Equation Method (Works in MS Office)

The equation tool is particularly useful for typing math operators and fractions. It provides you with different types of fraction templates that make it so much easy when you need to insert any type of fraction.

Below are the steps to help you get any fraction in Microsoft Word.

  • Click to place your cursor where you need to insert the fraction symbol.
  • Press [Alt] + [=] to insert the Equation tool.
  • Alternatively, go to the Insert tab, in the Symbols group, click the drop-down button by the Equation function to reveal the equation gallery. Then click on Insert New Equation at the bottom. Or just press the Alt plus the Equal key simultaneously.
insert fraction in Word using equation tool

As seen in the above picture, you should see the Equation tool with label ‘Type equation here.’.

  • You should also notice a new tab (Design tab) when you click on the Equation tool. Click on this tab.
Make fraction symbol in Word
  • In the Structures group, select the Fraction button.

You should see a lot of fraction templates. Select one that resonate with you.

How to type fraction symbol on keyboard
  • Fill the template with the fraction’s numerator and denominator.

To do that, just click on the numerator box above the line and type the number you wish to give to it. Do the same for the denominator box.

Illustration of typing the fraction symbol in Word

As shown in the above steps, using the equation method is one of the easiest ways one can use to type or insert any fraction in Microsoft Word.

Method 2: Using the Forward Slash Symbol as the Dividing line

Depending on the type of document you are working on, sometimes all you need to type fractions is to use the forward slash symbol as the division line that separates the numerator and the denominator. 2/3 for example.

For instance, to type any fraction symbol with the forward slash, first type the numerator (say 1), then press the forward slash key (/), now type the denominator (say 2). Now you should have ½.

If this is not the idea you are looking for, keep reading below to explore more ways you can type or insert fractions in Word or any word editing software like Google Docs.

Method 3: Using the Fraction Symbol Alt Code (Windows Only)

Below are some available fraction symbol Alt codes that you can use on your keyboard.

DescriptionSymbolAlt Code
fraction one quarter¼Alt + 0188
fraction one half½Alt + 0189
fraction three quarters¾Alt + 0190
fraction one thirdAlt + 8531
fraction two thirdAlt + 8532
fraction one fifthAlt + 8533
fraction two fifthsAlt + 8534
fraction three fifthsAlt + 8535
fraction four fifthsAlt + 8536
fraction one sixthAlt + 8537
fraction five sixthsAlt + 8538
fraction one eightAlt + 8539
fraction three eightsAlt + 8540
fraction five eightsAlt + 8541
fraction seven eightsAlt + 8542
Fraction numerator oneAlt + 8543
fraction one seventhAlt + 8528
fraction one ninthAlt + 8529
fraction one tenthAlt + 8530
fraction zero thirdsAlt + 8585

Even though these Symbols have no dedicated keys on the keyboard, you can still type them on the keyboard with the Alt code method. To do this, press and hold the Alt key whilst pressing the Fraction Alt code stated above, using the numeric keypad.

Use the fraction Alt Code table above as reference to type any fraction symbol on your keyboard with the alt codes.

This method works on Windows only. And your keyboard must also have a numeric keypad.

Below is a break-down of the steps you can take to type To the Power of Sign on your Windows PC:

  • Place your insertion pointer where you need Fraction Symbol text.
  • Press and hold one of the Alt keys on your keyboard.
  • Whilst holding on to the Alt key, press Fraction Symbol’s alt code (0189 for ½). You must use the numeric keypad to type the alt code. If you are using a laptop without the numeric keypad, this method may not work for you. On some laptops, there’s a hidden numeric keypad which you can enable by pressing Fn+NmLk on the keyboard.
  • Release the Alt key after typing the Alt code to insert the Symbol into your document.

This is how you may type this symbol in Word using the Alt Code method.

Method 4: Using Fraction Symbol Shortcut (Mac and Windows)

Below table shows all the shortcuts for the various fraction symbols that you can use to type any fraction on Windows or Mac.

DescriptionFraction SymbolWindows ShortcutMac ShortcutWord Shortcut
fraction one quarter¼Alt + 0188Option + 00BC00BC + Alt + X
fraction one half½Alt + 0189Option + 00BD00BD + Alt + X
fraction three quarters¾Alt + 0190Option + 00BE00BE + Alt + X
fraction one thirdAlt + 8531Option + 21532153 + Alt + X
fraction two thirdAlt + 8532Option + 21542154 + Alt + X
fraction one fifthAlt + 8533Option + 21552155 + Alt + X
fraction two fifthsAlt + 8534Option + 21562156 + Alt + X
fraction three fifthsAlt + 8535Option + 21572157 + Alt + X
fraction four fifthsAlt + 8536Option + 21582158 + Alt + X
fraction one sixthAlt + 8537Option + 21592159 + Alt + X
fraction five sixthsAlt + 8538Option + 215A215A + Alt + X
fraction one eightAlt + 8539Option + 215B215B + Alt + X
fraction three eightsAlt + 8540Option + 215C215C + Alt + X
fraction five eightsAlt + 8541Option + 215D215D + Alt + X
fraction seven eightsAlt + 8542Option + 215E215E + Alt + X
Fraction numerator oneAlt + 8543Option + 215F215F + Alt + X
fraction one seventhAlt + 8528Option + 21502150 + Alt + X
fraction one ninthAlt + 8529Option + 21512151 + Alt + X
fraction one tenthAlt + 8530Option + 21522152 + Alt + X
fraction zero thirdsAlt + 8585Option + 21892189 + Alt + X

You must use the numeric keypad to type the alt code. Also, ensure that your Num Lock key is turned on.

These are the shortcuts you may use to type any fraction sign in Word on your keyboard.

Method 5: Copy and Paste Fraction Symbol

Another easy way to get Fraction Symbols on any PC is to use my favorite method: copy and paste.

All you have to do is to copy the symbol from somewhere like a web page, or the character map for windows users, and head over to where you need the symbol (say in Word or Excel), then hit Ctrl+V to paste.

Below is the symbol for you to copy and paste into your Word document. Just select it and press Ctrl+C to copy, switch over to Microsoft Word, place your insertion pointer at the desired location, and press Ctrl+V to paste.

½   ¼   ¾   ⅓   ⅔   ⅛   ⅜   ⅝   ⅞

Alternatively, just use the copy button at the beginning of this post.

For windows users, obey the following instructions to copy and paste any Fraction Symbol using the character map dialog box.

  • Click on the Start button and search for Character Map. The Character Map app will appear in the search results, click to open.
search for character map on windows
  • The Character Map dialog will appear. Click to check the Advanced view check-box to expand the dialog box for more advanced options.
Check the Advanced view checkbox to expand the dialog
  • On the advanced view, where it is labeled Group by:, change All to Unicode Subrange.
  • The Group By dialog box will show up. Select Number Formats from the list. All the available fraction symbols will appear on the character map.
copy and paste fraction symbol
  • Double click to select the fraction symbol you wish to insert into your document.
  • After you select the symbol by double-clicking it, it should appear in the Character to copy: field, then click on the Copy button to copy the symbol.
  • Switch to your Microsoft Word or Excel document, place the insertion pointer at the desired location, and press Ctrl+V to paste.

This is how you may use the Character Map dialog to copy and paste any symbol on Windows PC.

Method 6: Using insert Symbol dialog box

The insert symbol dialog box is a library of symbols from where you can insert any symbol into your Word document with just a couple of mouse clicks.

Obey the following steps to insert this symbol (½) in Word or Excel using the insert symbol dialog box.

  • Open your Word document.
  • Click to place the insertion pointer where you wish to insert the symbol.
  • Go to the Insert tab.
Click on the Insert tab
  • In the Symbols category, click on the Symbol drop-down and select the More Symbols button.
Go to Symbols>More Symbols

The Symbol dialog box will appear.

  • To easily locate Fraction Symbols, click on the subset drop-down list and choose Number Forms from the list. It’ll filter out all the fraction symbols for you.
  • Click on the symbol you wish to insert.
  • Now click on the Insert button to insert the symbol into your document.
Insert fraction symbol in Word
  • Close the dialog.

The symbol will then be inserted exactly where you placed the insertion pointer.

These are the steps you may use to insert this Symbol in Word.


As you can see, there are several different methods you can use to type To the Power of Sign in Microsoft Word.

Using the shortcuts for both Windows and Mac makes the fastest option for this task. Shortcuts are always fast.

Thank you very much for reading this blog.

If you have anything thing to say or questions to ask concerning Fraction Symbol, please drop it in the comments.

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