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Hi, and welcome to ‘How To Type Anything’ blog.

My name is Abdallah, and I am the person behind this blog.

I am a lifelong learner that is constantly fascinated by technology.

I believe that fundamentally, all computer users are typists. So, learning how to type was the first step I took when I first decided to learn about technology.

Typing has become an everyday necessity and learning the ways to use the keyboard properly is very crucial. That’s why most people work on their typing skills on a daily basis.

Whether you are an exceptional typist, an intermediate or a beginner, there are some characters that are just difficult to type using the keyboard. Examples of such characters include the degree sign, accents and more.

Mostly, characters that are difficult to type has no dedicated keys on the keyboard to assist you to type them quickly. However, with a combination of certain keys, you can easily type anything you want on the keyboard. That is where this blog comes in handy.

This blog is about teaching you how to type the symbols or characters that are hidden on the keyboard.

My goal is to teach you the easy ways and techniques to insert or type any symbol or character in your Work.

The content will cover many areas ranging from typing characters and symbols in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Windows, Mac, and so on.

Thank you very much for checking out on me here. For more information about me and my blog, please contact me here.