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How to type roman numerals in Word & Excel

There are several ways to type roman numerals on your PC or Mac.

The method you use depends on the particular software you are working with.

In this article, I will show you the exact methods you need to type and convert English or Arabic numerals into roman numerals using Microsoft Word or Excel. You can always copy and paste to other apps once you get the roman numeral of a number onto your Word or Excel document.

Without any further ado, let’s get started.

Two ways to do Roman numerals in Word

In Microsoft Word, you can get the roman numerals version of the Arabic or English numbers using one of the methods explained below.

Method 1: Using Fields

This method is best for you if you just need the roman numerals version of only one number in your Word document. For a long list of roman numerals, you are better off using the next method or using Excel to generate the numbers, then copy and paste them into your Word document. Using Excel to generate a list of Roman numerals is discussed later in this article.

To easily add roman numerals in Word, place your insertion pointer where you need the roman numerals and press Ctrl+F9 shortcut on your keyboard. Two curly braces (known as field characters) will appear. Inside these field characters, type =Number\*ROMAN then press the F9 key to convert the number into roman numerals.

Note: Replace the Number part of the code with the Arabic numeral you wish to type as a Roman numeral.

Obey the following step-by-step instructions to type roman numerals in Word:

  • Place the insertion pointer where you want to type the roman numerals.
  • Press Ctrl+9 shortcut on your keyboard. This will display the two curly braces (known as field characters).
press Ctrl+F9
  • Click inside these curly braces and type the following code inside the braces.


Where Numbers is the Arabic/English number you wish to type as a roman numeral.

For instance, if you want to type the roman numeral of 24 which is XXIV, the field code should be {=24\*ROMAN}.

See screenshot below:

typing roman numerals in Word using field code
  • As soon as you finish typing the code, press the F9 key to convert the Arabic numerals into roman numerals.
get roman numerals into Word

It is the number before the backward slash that converts to the roman numerals. Thus, if you want to type any number as a Roman numeral, obey the above instructions, and instead of using 24, type the number you wish then press the F9 key.

Method 2: Using Roman numerals in a list

Automatic numbering saves you the trouble of having to insert numbers manually.

Using the numbering feature in Word, you can automatically insert a list of roman numerals without having to type them manually.

Thus, to use roman numerals in a list, type the list beginning each item in a new line or paragraph. Now select all the items you typed then go to the Home tab, in the Paragraph group, select the Numbering drop-down and choose the roman numerals numbering style from the drop-down menu.

The steps are broken down below:

  • Type the Arabic numerals vertically, beginning each number on a new line or paragraph. Type the numbers up to the point you wish the roman numerals to stop at. Let’s type from 1 to 10 for example. You can type as many as you want.
roman numeral list in Word
  • Now, select all the English numerals you just typed and go to Home>Paragraph>Numbering, then select either the uppercase roman numerals or lowercase roman numerals.
using roman numerals in a list in Word
  • All the Arabic numbers you typed will be listed using the roman numeral numbering style.

Automatically generate roman numerals in Excel

The quickest way to convert any numbers to roman numerals is to use Excel’s ROMAN() function.

It allows you to convert any number as a Roman numeral provided it falls within 1 and 3999.

For instance, the formula =ROMAN(24) returns XXIV.

Thus, if you want to get the Roman numeral of any number in Excel, simply use the =ROMAN() function with the number as an argument for the function. For example, =ROMAN(24) will return XXIV.

To get a huge list of roman numerals in Excel, obey the following step-by-step guide:

  • Type the numbers you wish to convert to Roman numerals on one column. You can use the fill handle to auto-fill the numbers for you.
get roman numerals in Excel
  • Move to the next column and type this formula: =ROMAN(A1) assuming you begin typing the Arabic numerals in cell A1. Use cell references in the formula that corresponds to the cells that contain the numbers.
  • Now use the Fill handle to autofill the rest of the cells.
do roman numerals in Excel

Using the ROMAN() function in Excel, you can generate as many roman numerals as you wish.

However, you need to know that the ROMAN() function in Excel supports only up to 3999 (positive values only). Your formula will return an error if you exceed this value or if the value is zero or negative.

These are the easy and quick ways you can type roman numerals in both Excel and Word.

For nay question or suggestion concerting this topic, please drop it in the comment section below this article.

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