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RMB: What is it, and Where to Find it on The Keyboard

RMB, an acronym for “Right Mouse Button,” is frequently used by designers, developers, and other professionals who use their computers for work.

When you first get a computer, one of the first things you’ll discover is that there is a lot to learn about how it works. This is possible when you have tools and resources at your disposal that can help you do amazing things. Knowledge is power in more ways than one. So, if you’re unfamiliar with this already, the RMB key on your keyboard is one of these valuable pieces of equipment.

The right mouse button (RMB) is a secondary button on the computer mouse. It’s often called “right-click,” but that’s not accurate—you can also use the RMB to perform a left-click. So, what exactly is the RMB, and can it be found on the keyboard? If so, where is it on the keyboard?

Left Mouse Button (LMB) and Right Mouse Button (RMB)

In this article, we will take you through everything you need to know about the RMB, including how it works and where to find it on the keyboard, and show you how to use it in Windows and Mac OS X systems.

Understanding The Keyboard

Knowledge of how the keyboard works is essential for every computer user, but it is not always a walk in the park. Various keys perform specific functions, including typing, function keys, and shortcuts to open different applications. 

Added to that, it’s been a long time since the mouse and keyboard were the only input devices for computers. We now have touch screens, trackpads, and even voice recognition.

However, no matter how many new ways we find to interact with our devices, there are still some things that only a keyboard can do.

Every single button on the keyboard has its own unique properties and is helpful for a task. So, in this case, what is the right mouse button?

What is the Right Mouse Button (RMB)?

The RMB, or right mouse button, is a button on your mouse. It’s usually located to the right of the mouse and is used for different functions depending on the software of your computer, or the application you are using.

Most computers are configured so that the left-hand button (LMB) performs a click by default, while the right-hand button (RMB) performs a click only after being held down for some time or when pressed with a modifier key like “Shift” or “Control.”

Is The Right Mouse Button Present on The Keyboard?

Is the right mouse button present on the Keyboard?

You may wonder, “Is the right mouse button on the keyboard?”

If you’re using a laptop with a touchpad, this should be obvious — it’s on your touchpad! However, if you’re using a desktop PC, a touchscreen laptop, or a laptop without a touchpad (e.g., an ultrabook), your RMB will most likely be located somewhere else — in most cases, next to the Ctrl key.

Where to find the RMB key on your keyboard

Where to find the RMB key on your keyboard

You probably already know that you can use the RMB key on the keyboard instead of clicking with your mouse if you want to access additional options for whatever you’re doing.

The RMB, or right mouse button, is a key on your keyboard that is used to perform actions such as opening files, dragging and dropping files, or copying and pasting. It does the same thing as the left-mouse button (i.e., left-clicking.) However, it gives you more options and features than left-clicking does.

So, where do you find the RMB key on your keyboard?

The RMB key is located on the bottom side of your keyboard, below the spacebar. It’s often colored a darker color (depending on the manufacturer of your keyboard).

Is the right mouse button on all laptops and computers?

Not all laptops and computers have the same hardware configuration. For example, some systems might have two main buttons (left and right). In contrast, others may only have one primary control with another small auxiliary button below it that performs double duty as both a left and right clicker, depending on whether you press down on its top or bottom edge.

The exact location of the right mouse button varies depending on the computer you’re using. Still, it’s usually located below the space bar and beside the left mouse button. If you don’t see a right-click button or key combination on your laptop or computer, don’t worry — there are other ways to access this functionality.

How to Access the Right mouse Button on Your Keyboard

The right mouse button is a standard feature on many computer keyboards. You can use it to activate a context menu that pops up when you hover over an item with your cursor. The right mouse button is usually at the lower right of your keyboard and is typically labeled with an icon of two arrows pointing away from each other. So, are there any shortcuts to activate the right mouse button on your keyboard?

Yes, there are keyboard shortcuts for activating the right mouse button. However, they vary depending on the type of laptop.

  • For Windows: Shift + F10
  • For Macbooks: Press and hold the control key and click the trackpad

On laptops with no F10 button, try searching for a “Menu” button. It should have an arrow on it. It performs all the suitable mouse button properties.

How to activate the right mouse button on various laptops

To get the right mouse button, you will need to start it. You can do this by pressing and holding the specific key on your keyboard. If your laptop has a trackpad or touchpad, the easiest way to activate the right mouse button is by pressing it down on the lower-right corner. This should make an additional button appear next to the trackpad or touchpad.

If your laptop has physical buttons below its keyboard, you can also use these to activate the right mouse button (although You may not label them as such). For example, if your laptop has scroll buttons that look like up and down arrows, press them both at once.

What does the right mouse button do?

The right mouse button is often incorrectly referred to as “the right-click,” as clicking is the most common action. This can be confusing because “right-click” sounds like an instruction that would be given by a person’s left hand instead of their right hand—but don’t let this name throw you off! It’s a handy tool once you get used to it.

The RMB has several uses:

  • Right-click on items
  • Opening menus from within applications
  • Scroll up and down
  • Highlight text

Right-click on items

Right-click on anything to bring up a context menu that allows you to choose from several options—like copy and paste or save. The right-click button is a handy feature for users who want to access options for an item quickly. For example, if you right-click a file in your computer’s main folder, you get the option to open it with a specific program, create a new folder, and more. Right-clicking on the desktop opens up other options as well.

Open menus within applications

You can use the RMB to open menus within applications, as well as access context menus. The little icon that appears when you hold down the mouse button is known as a mnemonic, and it’s meant to indicate what you’re about to do if you click on it.

In most cases, holding down the RMB will open a menu or context menu for an object on your screen. For example, if you hold down the RMB over a file in the Finder, you’ll see a menu with options for how to act on that file — like duplicating it or opening it in another application. If you hold down the RMB over something like an image in Preview or Word, then options for working with that image will come up rather than menus related to documents or other objects on your screen.

If there’s no menu action available (for example, if you’re trying to use the right mouse button on a blank area of your desktop), then nothing will happen when you hold down the RMB.

Scroll up or down

Suppose you want to scroll through documents, pictures, or web pages without moving the scrollbar around manually; hold the right mouse button while scrolling up or down the page. In that case, most browsers have this feature built-in now, so it’s easy to see how it works by basic internet browsing!

Highlight and Copy text

The right mouse button is also handy while performing actions with text. Simply hold your right mouse button while dragging over text using your cursor (you can do this with other tools like paint programs). Then use your standard shortcut command Ctrl + C.  You can paste what has been copied into another program by clicking Ctrl + V (or Command + V on Macs).

How to use the RMB in Windows

To right-click on the desktop, move your mouse pointer to where you want to click and hold down the RMB (the right side of the mouse). This will cause a pop-up menu to appear. You’ll be able to see what options are available for that particular location (copy, paste, format, create a new folder, and more).

To right-click on a file or folder, hover over it with your mouse pointer until an icon appears in front of it. Clicking on this icon will open up a dropdown list with options depending on the file type. If it’s an image, there may be options related to viewing that specific image; if it’s an Excel spreadsheet file, maybe there will be tools for editing spreadsheets instead.

Suppose you use Windows 7 or Windows 8 computers at home or work and can access multiple monitors. You can try moving icons from one screen onto another by dragging them across into a space on another monitor. You can do this without releasing until their position changes onto fresh new territory – then release!

You should now find yourself looking at two copies of whatever item was dragged across. Which could prove very useful when working through documents collaboratively between different people who need access from other physical locations but want graphical representations visible simultaneously. Rather than asking someone verbally, “what page did we get stuck in again?” etc.

How to use the RMB on Mac

The RMB is the right-click button on your Mac. It’s the same button you use to select text but has several different uses. You can use it to resize images, select text and more. Here are some ways to use the RMB on Mac:

  • Resize images: The RMB lets you resize an image by clicking and dragging one of its corners. This works in most apps that allow you to edit pictures.
  • Select text: When selecting an area, pressing RMB will highlight the chosen words or lines of text. The highlighted area can then be cut or copied.
  • Move windows: You can move windows around by holding down the RMB and dragging them around with your mouse. This is useful if you want to move a window into a different space on your screen but don’t want to move it offscreen first.


A right mouse button (or RMB) is a handy tool; if you’re not using it, you should take time to figure out how much you can expand your workflow by taking advantage of it. If you’re still unsure what the right mouse button is or where it is on your keyboard. You might be surprised at all the cool things waiting for you!

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