Online Spanish Keyboard to type Alphabets, Letters and Symbols

Online Spanish Keyboard to type Alphabets, Letters and Symbols

Instructions to use this Spanish Keyboard

Using the onscreen keyboard above, just click on the Spanish letters to enter them into the text box. After that, you can click the Copy button or press Ctrl+C to copy, or use the Save button to save the typed characters as a text file.

To directly type these Spanish accents with your computer keyboard:

  • Type a# e#  i#  o#  u#  to add an acute accent: á é í ó ú
  • Type u## for ü
  • Type n# for ñ
  • Type ?# !# for ¿  ¡

Once you are done typing, either use Ctrl+C to copy or use the copy or save buttons to copy or save the typed characters respectively.

Other ways to type Spanish Accents/Letters on Keyboard

If you don’t want to use the above online Spanish Keyboard, there are methods you can also use to insert or type these Spanish accents in your text editors like Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

Without further ado, let’s get into it.

Using Spanish Accent Alt Codes/Shortcuts (for Windows Keyboard)

As shown below, using the Spanish Alt Codes, you can type any of the Spanish letters directly on your English keyboard.

  • Press Alt + 165 to type Ñ.
  • Press Alt + 164 to type ñ.
  • Press Alt + 0193 to type Á.
  • Press Alt + 0225 to type á.
  • Press Alt + 0201 to type É.
  • Press Alt + 0233 to type é.
  • Press Alt + 0205 to type Í.
  • Press Alt + 0237 to type í.
  • Press Alt + 0211 to type Ó.
  • Press Alt + 0243 to type ó.
  • Press Alt + 0218 to type Ú.
  • Press Alt + 0250 to type ú.
  • Press Alt + 0220 to type Ü.
  • Press Alt + 0252 to type ü.

Obey the below instructions to use the above Spanish Alt Codes directly on your English keyboard:

  • To begin with, simply place your cursor where you want to type the Spanish Accent.
  • Press down the Alt key on your English keyboard.
  • As you hold down the Alt key, press the Spanish Alt Code (as stated above) using the numeric keypad on the right.
  • Release the Alt key.

NOTE: This method works on Windows only. Also, your keyboard must have a separate numeric keypad on the right. Laptops without the separate numeric keypad cannot utilize these shortcuts or Alt codes.

Type Spanish Accents on Mac keyboard

As the above section addresses the Alt code shortcut which only works on the Windows keyboard, this section is packed with shortcuts for Mac.

Listed below are the various Spanish Accent shortcut you can use on the Mac keyboard:

  • Press [OPTION] + [n], n to type ñ (Spanish n tilde)
  • Press [OPTION] + [e], a to type á (Spanish a acute)
  • Press [OPTION] + [e], e to type é (Spanish e acute)
  • Press [OPTION] + [e], i to type í (Spanish i acute)
  • Press [OPTION] + [e], o to type ó (Spanish o acute)
  • Press [OPTION] + [e], u to type ú (Spanish u acute)
  • Press [OPTION] + [u], u to type ü (Spanish u umlaut)

To use the above shortcuts, kindly obey the following instructions:

  • Simultaneously press and release [OPTION] + [n] keys, then press once on the n key to type the Spanish n with a tilde accent on Mac.
  • To type the acute accent on Mac, simultaneously press and release [OPTION] + [e] keys, then press once on the vowel you want to be accented with acute.
  • Finally, to type the Spanish u with an umlaut accent, simultaneously press and release [OPTION] + [u] keys, then hit once on the u key.

These are the steps you need to type any Spanish Accent or Letter using your normal English keyboard for Mac.

Insert Spanish letters in Microsoft Word

If you simply don’t want to use the above given Spanish keyboard and you also don’t want to use the keyboard shortcuts given, you can still get these Spanish letters into Microsoft Word using the Symbol library.

The Symbol Library contains gazillions of symbols from where you can insert any symbol in few clicks.

Obey the following steps to insert Spanish accents in Word:

  • Open your Microsoft Word document.
  • Go to the Insert tab, under the Symbols group, select Symbol > Symbols.
  • Once the Symbol library appear, select Latin-1 Supplement from Subset: drop-down on the upper right section of the window. You should see all the Spanish accent letters appear.
  • To insert any of these characters in the Symbol library, simply double-click on it and it’ll be inserted into your Microsoft Word document.
  • Close the dialog.

These are the steps you may follow to insert these characters instead of using the above Spanish keyboard.

Insert Spanish letters in Google Docs

Aside from using the Spanish keyboard, or using the shortcuts for both Windows and Mac, you can also insert these accents in Google Docs in a matter of few clicks.

Simply obey the below instructions:

  • Open your Google Docs document where you want to insert the Spanish accents.
  • Navigate to Insert > Special Characters. The Insert special characters window will appear.
  • Use the filter controls to filter Latin Common
  • Once you find the Spanish accent letters you want to insert, simply double-click on them to insert them into your document.


Using the provided online Spanish keyboard in the beginning, you can copy and paste any Special Spanish character or letter with just a few clicks.

However, if you want to learn how to type these characters or letters, using the follow-up instructions will guide you to do so in MS Word, Google Docs, or any word processing document, whether you are using Windows or Mac.