Online French Keyboard to type Alphabets, Letters and Symbols

Online French Keyboard to type Alphabets, Letters and Symbols

How to type with this Online French Keyboard

Using the online French keyboard above, simply click on the letters, alphabets or symbols to enter them into the text box. After that you can click the Copy button or press Ctrl+C to copy. Or use the Save button to save the typed characters as a text file.

To directly type these alphabets in the above text box with your computer keyboard, obey the following instructions.

  • In the text box above, simply press c# to get ç (c cedilla)
  • Type # after a vowel and a diacritic accent mark will add to it. Then repeat typing the # to keep changing different accent marks until you get the desired result.
  • For example, to type é with an acute accent mark, simple type e on your keyboard and then press #. Press # again to type è with grave, then # again to type ê with circumflex or caret, and so on. The same applies to all the other vowels that supports accent marks.
  • To get œ, type o+e in the text box and it’ll be converted to œ.

Once you are done typing your desired French letters, either use Ctrl+C to copy or use the copy or save buttons to copy or save the typed characters respectively.


Other ways to type Special Frenchletters with Accents on Keyboard

If you don’t want to use the above online Special French Character Keyboard, follow the link below to read the severalother methods you can also employ to insert or type these letters with accents in your text editors like Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

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