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Why Are Mechanical Keyboards Better for Typing And Gaming?

Mechanical keyboards have become more popular recently, and for a good reason: they offer many benefits over traditional keyboards. These features include better tactile feedback, faster typing speeds, and longer lifespans.

These advanced keyboards have individual switches for each key, which gives you a more responsive feel when you type. They also have a longer lifespan than traditional keyboards, so you won’t have to replace them as often.

For gamers, mechanical keyboards offer faster response times and customizable backlighting options. Plus, they offer greater tactile feedback, which can give you an edge in competitive games.

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Read on to understand the features that make mechanical keyboards better for typing and gaming than traditional keyboards.

What Is A Mechanical Keyboard

A mechanical keyboard uses individual switches underneath each key to register input. These switches are made from various materials, including metal and plastic, with different characteristics that affect their responsiveness, durability, and more.

They offer several advantages over traditional membrane keyboards, making them popular among gamers and typists who require precision input. And while they tend to cost more than less-advanced keyboards, the additional features of mechanical keyboards make them better for typing and gaming.

Why Should You Choose A Mechanical Keyboard For Typing And Gaming?

If you’re a serious typist or gamer, choosing a mechanical keyboard is one of the best decisions you can make as they offer distinct advantages over traditional membrane-style keyboards in speed and accuracy.

Their keys have shorter travel distances, allowing quicker key presses, and their more responsive action provides improved tactile feedback and precision. Additionally, mechanical keyboards can withstand more wear and tear than traditional ones, making them an ideal choice for heavy-duty typing or gaming sessions.

Below are some reasons why a mechanical keyboard is better for typing and gaming.

1. Programmable Keys

One of the most outstanding features of mechanical keyboards is their programmable keys. You can program these keys to do different things when you press them, such as opening an app or website.

Some keyboards even come with extra software to customize these functions further by letting you define macros, key combos, commands, and more.

Programmable keys can help you streamline your workflow, for example, letting you switch between different apps and websites without having to move your hands from the keyboard.

They can also be helpful if you want certain functions not natively available on keyboards, such as controlling background music playback or using a specific key for a different language’s characters.

A mechanical keyboard with programmable keys can also be an advantage for gaming. You can assign specific functions to different key combinations, such as using macros when pressing the spacebar instead of the “W” or “A” button on standard keyboards.

The tactile and auditory feedback you get from pressing a mechanical key is typically more satisfying than that of a traditional membrane keyboard. This can help improve your gameplay by increasing focus and agility.

Some keyboards also allow you to save different profiles in their onboard memory so you can use them on different PCs without reconfiguring everything for each device. Overall, a programmable mechanical keyboard can be a great addition to your hardware setup if you play games or do a lot of typing.

2. Extremely Durable

Mechanical keyboards are built to be durable and long-lasting. Unlike traditional membrane keyboards, mechanical keyboards feature individual switches for each key that you can replace when they wear out. This allows you to keep your keyboard functioning well for many years – unlike a membrane keyboard that you must throw away once the keys start sticking or typing becomes difficult.

Another benefit of mechanical keyboards is that they have greater resistance to dust and dirt, which can interfere with the performance of a membrane keyboard. Mechanical keyboards also offer better tactile feedback, allowing you to type faster and more accurately than on a membrane keyboard.

The switches on mechanical keyboards offer a high number of keystrokes. Some keyboards offer 50 million keystrokes, while others offer up to 100 million. The high number of keystrokes means the keyboard will serve you for a long time before noticing any wear and tear.

3. N-Key Rollover

N-key Rollover (or NKRO) refers to the ability of a keyboard to register multiple key presses at once. Typical computer keyboards are limited to only six keys pressed at any given time, but some high-end mechanical keyboards can detect any number of simultaneous keys pressed. The feature is called NKRO, and it can be a helpful way to ensure quick responses in games or other situations where multiple inputs need to be registered at once.

The N-Key rollover feature comes in handy while gaming. You want to ensure that all the keystrokes register, especially when gaming. Registering more than one keystroke at a time gives you control, thus enhancing your experience. The roll-over feature is a lifesaver, especially if you are a touch-typist. The feature lets you press more than one key simultaneously, and you are assured your input will register.

To test your keyboard’s n-key rollover, simply press several keys and see how many are correctly recorded. Most keyboards will only register the first few keys, but some will register them all. The number of simultaneous key presses that can be detected varies depending on the keyboard.

4. Have A Better Response Time

A mechanical keyboard uses an array of levers to facilitate the pressing and releasing of buttons. These keyboards have a better response time than traditional membrane keyboards, which means they can register your keystrokes more quickly and accurately. A mechanical keyboard may be the right choice if you’re looking for a high-quality keyboard for gaming or other intensive computing tasks.

Response time is the time it takes your system to register a keystroke. The switch’s design offers an unparalleled response time on mechanical keyboards. Many of them offer response times up to 10 times faster. A mechanical keyboard’s quick response time can be crucial for victory in gaming or other intensive computing tasks.

Mechanical keyboards have different types of switches. Optical switches, for example, offer a very low actuation force and eliminate the need to press down on the key. These switches also feature an LED that transmits light through a lens directly onto the switch. This results in a more accurate reading of your keystrokes by your system, which can improve performance while reducing response time.

Another type of switch is called a buckling spring switch. This type of switch uses a spring to activate the keypress and has been widely used in typewriters, adding machines, and mechanical keyboards for decades. Although this design isn’t quite as popular or well-known as other types of switches, it is considered one of the most reliable and accurate.

Whether you’re a serious gamer or simply someone who values performance, a mechanical keyboard can improve your computing experience. With its quick response time and variety of switch types, it’s the ideal choice for anyone looking to get the most out of their computer system.

5. You Can Customize The Keys

It is possible to customize the keys of your mechanical keyboard. The customization enables you to tailor your typing and gaming experience. With the keyboard, you can choose between heavy, tactile, light, linear, or clicky switches according to your preference.

The type of switches you choose depends on your use of the keyboard. A tactile switch is perfect if you want feedback from your keyboard. Linear switches are best if you want a smooth typing or gaming experience. You should go for heavy switches if you type or game hard since heavy switches can withstand the pressure.

Like many other aspects of gaming, choosing a mechanical keyboard comes down to personal preference. There are several different switch types, each with unique benefits and drawbacks. Linear switches are generally considered the best for gaming, as they have very little resistance or feedback when you hit them. Tactile switches have more of a bump, giving you more of a physical response than linear switches. Clicky switches are similar to tactile but also have an audible click sound.

When choosing a mechanical keyboard for gaming, consider how much resistance or feedback you want from your keys. Feedback is essential if you’re looking for a typing or gaming experience that closely resembles that of a mechanical typewriter.

Still, some people may prefer the smooth feel of linear switches. Regardless of which type you choose, ensure the keyboard feels comfortable and responsive under your fingers when gaming or typing.

6. They Are More Comfortable

SteelSeries Apex Pro
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Mechanical keyboards are known for their superior comfort and ergonomics compared to regular keyboards. They often have higher key travel distances, which makes them easier and more pleasant to use over long periods.

Additionally, many mechanical keyboards have Cherry MX switches that provide distinct tactile feedback when depressing a key, which helps you get into the groove of typing and gaming more quickly. Most mechanical keyboards use more durable key switches than their membrane counterparts and can survive for years of heavy typing without a sign of wear.

Some mechanical keyboards also come with a wrist rest, ensuring your wrist does not tire even after long periods of typing or gaming. You can also buy a wrist rest separately if the keyboard does not have the feature. Thanks to the ability to customize a mechanical keyboard, you can make it as comfortable as possible.

7. You Can Increase Or Decrease The Sound Of The Keys

The mention of a mechanical keyboard conjures images of a loud and clicky keyboard. However, thanks to technological advancement, there are silent mechanical keyboards. You can choose to have your keys loud if you enjoy the feedback from your keystrokes.

You can also choose silent switches if the noise is distracting when typing or gaming. Loud switches are often distracting if you share the same office with co-workers.

However, you can reduce the sound of the keystrokes by installing O-rings that act as dampeners. You should also be careful with the keyboard assembly. If the keyboard has poor assembly, it may rattle, thus increasing the noise while typing or gaming.

Silent switches have also gained popularity recently, but the most popular options are Cherry MX switches. These come in various styles, including Reds, Blues, Blacks, and Browns. These switches are best if you prefer a quiet gaming or typing environment.

8. They Are Splash And Water Resistant

Another advantage of mechanical keyboards is their splash and water-resistant feature.  You do not have to worry that your keyboard will break if you accidentally splash water or coffee while typing or gaming.

Are Mechinical Keyboards WaterProof?

If you drink water, coffee, or soda while playing, chances are high that you will spill something on the keyboard. Remember, the keyboards are splash and water-resistant but not waterproof. Therefore, the keyboard will stop working if you immerse it in water.

A splash-proof keyboard is a lifesaver since you will not have to buy a new one each time you spill a drink on the device.

9. RGB Backlighting Makes Typing And Gaming Fun

Another advantage of using a mechanical keyboard is its RGB backlight feature. The backlight makes it easier for you to see the keys while gaming and typing, no matter the light condition in the room.

You can also customize the backlight and combine different shades and lights to give your keyboard a personal touch. The backlight also protects your eyes from straining, especially in a dark room.

Remember, not all mechanical keyboards have RGB backlighting. It is, therefore, critical to check if the keyboard you select has this feature.


Mechanical keyboards offer superior comfort and ergonomics compared to regular keyboards. They often have higher key travel distances, which makes them easier and more pleasant to use over long periods.

Additionally, many mechanical keyboards have Cherry MX switches that provide distinct tactile feedback when depressing a key, which helps you get into the groove of typing and gaming more quickly. 

Most mechanical keyboards also use more durable key switches than their membrane counterparts and can survive years of heavy typing without a sign of wear.

RGB lighting, durability, N-Key rollover, fast response times, and many other features make mechanical keyboards better for typing and gaming. For this reason, grab one today to enhance your gaming and typing experience!

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