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What Is A Gasket Mounted Keyboard (The Complete Guide)

When purchasing a keyboard, we commonly disregard the keyboard’s mounting style.

A keyboard’s mounting style refers to how the PCB (Print Circuit Board) is installed within the mechanical keyboard’s housing chamber.

The mounting style of your keyboard can substantially impact the feel and sound of your device, as it assists you in achieving the ideal keyboard typing feel.

While there are numerous mounting styles, gasket mounts are becoming increasingly popular among keyboard enthusiasts. These keyboards have been created to make typing more convenient.

A Gasket Mounted keyboard delivers a more padded and overall softer feel when compared to the conventional keyboard setups.

Are you already intrigued by this information? Then continue reading ahead to find out more about the excellent typing companion.

What Is a Gasket-mounted Keyboard?

Let’s cut the chase and jump into what a gasket-mounted keyboard is.

A gasket mount keyboard aids in canceling vibration, providing a sound foundation for playing games and typing.

Unlike traditional mounting styles where the Plate is attached to either of the frames, the Plate of a gasket-mounted keyboard is held in place by rubber and inserted between the top and bottom frames.

The gasket mount crams up layers of silicone between the PCB and the casing to decrease vibration and retain the keyboard plate.

This ensures that the entire keyboard is enveloped in rubber, absorbing all vibrations and producing less clattering sound.

Gasket Mounted Keyboard
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What Material Is a Gasket Mount of?

Gasket mounts are widely known among gamers and typists because they provide additional stability. Materials such as neoprene, silicone, or foam are used to construct a gasket mount.

  • Poron: Poron gaskets are made of confined foam that is resistant to pressure and abrasion. They are one of the most widely used materials in making a gasket, and are resistant to common gasket toxins like oils, lubricates, and fuels.
  • Nylon: Nylon is also used in gasket mounts and has excellent chemical resistance. However, they are not as long-lasting as Poron gaskets and cannot be used in high-vibration devices.
  • Neoprene: Neoprene gaskets are another excellent option resistant to oils, greases, and fuels. However, they are non-resistant to pressure.

Top Mount vs. Gasket Keyboard

Are you wondering what makes a gasket-mounted keyboard different from the standard one? Is it the style or the reliability that it offers that makes it better than the conventional keyboards?

One of the most common mounting styles is the top mount. It secures the Plate to the top case (the upper portion of the case), causing the Plate to flex downwards on contact to reduce typing harshness, resulting in a relatively consistent typing experience and sound.

In today’s custom keyboard market, top mount and gasket mount keyboards are the most prominent ones. But the most noteworthy distinction among the two is the typing experience. Gasket mount keyboards have a softer and more flexible typing feel, whereas top-mounted keyboards are stiffer.

Top-mounted keyboards are a fantastic choice for people who want a reliable and durable typing experience. In addition, because of their no-wiggle design, these mounting setups don’t face the same issue as other more flexible styles, such as a tray or sandwich mounts.

Below we have listed a few notable features of the two, highlighting the mounting style that outperforms the other.

  • Gasket mounts offer a more stable typing experience. Because the gasket material is slightly bigger than the screw, it provides a stable key press. This results in less wobble and a cleaner typing experience.
  • Sound can be reduced by using gasket mounts. As a result, if you want a quieter keyboard, gasket mounts are usually the best way to go.
  • Top mounts make swapping out switches much simpler. Because the top Mount only secures the keypad, gasket mounts, on the other hand, make swapping out switches more difficult. Since the gasket is attached to the top and bottom frames, you must remove the entire gasket to replace the switches.

The Five Best Gasket Mount Keyboards of 2022

Now that we are familiar with the gasket mount styles, here are some of the best gasket mount keyboards for the experience of a lifetime.

Keychron Q1:

Our top pick on this list comes as no surprise to many. The Q1, Keychron’s flagship keyboard, is a vivid example of what a well-made custom keyboard can do.

Moreover, this gadget has some high-quality components that propel it to the top of the mechanical keyboard market.

  • The Q1 keyboard’s standout premium feature is the gasket mount design. It is enclosed in an aluminum case, which adds stability and improves the fidelity of each keystroke.
  • It also includes a robust software suite for customization.
  • It features a swappable Circuit board, which is already common in mechanical keyboards.

All in all, the Keychron Q1 is an excellent choice for those who want to dabble in the world of custom keyboards. It’s exceptionally well-made, with perhaps the most robust chassis seen on a keyboard in a long time. Things can get pretty pricey with switches like these, thus making it an excellent choice for enthusiasts and those who can invest big.

Skyloong SK96 Lite Gasket Mount

One of the most exciting designs released by Skyloong among their diverse keyboard ranges over the years is the SK96 Lite.

  • This Lite Gasket Mount Keyboard is designed to eliminate noise virtually. This means that the gasket used for this keyboard is exceptionally good at noise elimination, giving you a smooth and concise typing experience.
  • The SK96 Dynamic RGB effect helps achieve gradients and performs admirably in terms of lighting, providing the visual appeal we crave in keyboards.
  • The SK96 also includes the three-layer SKYLOONG software, which simplifies how you can personalize lighting, basic layouts, and macro keys on your keyboard.
  • The Doubleshot keycaps allow light to pass through the keys. In addition, these keys are long-lasting and crafted to retain their texture even after heavy typing and gaming use.

Overall, the SK96 is an enjoyable package, and the affordable price will attract new buyers to the personalized keyboard experience.

Angry Miao Cyberboard R2

The Angry Miao Cyberboard is a whole new game changer that has fascinated many mechanical keypad enthusiasts. It has a completely new feature that we haven’t seen on a mechanical keyboard before. It stands out because:

  • It features a configurable LED Matrix. The Cyberboard opens up a new realm of possibilities that we haven’t even begun to imagine.
  • The proprietary software allows users to customize what the Cyberboard displays. The Cyberboard has a seemingly stylish design and is available in various colors to match the keycap sets.
  • In addition to its distinctive appearance, this keyboard includes a slew of outstanding features. This involves the highly sought-after gasket-mounted design, which simply elevates the package above the competition.
  • This keyboard has 5-pin hot-swap compatibility, making experimenting with switches more accessible than ever.
  • An aluminum casing provides the overall design with a secure and durable feel.

If you want a keyboard that fully lets you take over the personalization keys, the Cyberboard will carry you to unimaginable heights with its futuristic design leaving you awe-struck.

MelGeek Mojo68

MelGeek Mojo68 is a keyboard that will be out of a dream for its users and will be able to withstand heavy use. This keyboard has three alphanumeric key profiles and five switches to choose from. By using it, you’re simply setting yourself up for a good time.

  • It has a gasket-mounted style that virtually guarantees typing stability. This gasket is the PORON padding, and it can reduce vibrations and sounds when the keys are pressed.
  •  The Mojo68 allows for soft switch swapping. The connections are simple to use and are guaranteed to work with five-pin switches.
  • It features large keycaps, which allow users with big hands to enjoy comfort while typing.
  • The caps are 1.4mm thick, which makes key travel a little more rewarding for typists who like to feel the intensity of each keystroke.

This is a remarkable device as it’s a wired keyboard option, competing with other wired and wireless options, establishing itself even among the most expensively backed alternatives we’ve seen.

Ikki68 Aurora

A cost-effective option, The Ikki68 Aurora, like many other keyboards on this list, is an obvious choice. It has a gasket-mounted keyboard system with a unique modular twist.

  • Its unique “variable gasket mounted system” allows users to change the sound profile when typing by installing four different chips.
  • The gasket-mounted design allows for a very peaceful experience. However, the Ikki68 can be made smoother by removing the chips per your preferences.
  • The Ikki68 keyboard design incorporates hot-swapping. Split keys for right and left shift, spacebars, backspace, and enter to make your layout as exceptional as you want it to be.
  • Other notable features of the keyboard include a polycarbonate case design and RGB lighting. The keyboard’s overall sleek and retro look is well transmitted, and typing on it feels fantastic.

We believe that the gasket mounting stands out among all the features included, and a keyboard with this mount styling is a pleasure to work with, especially when entering data for a more extended period.

Alternative Keyboard Mounting Styles

Gasket-mounted keyboards are among the most unique technologies seen in the keyboard market for a long period.

However, if you’re still not convinced by the superior, vibrationless, and sound experience of incorporating a gasket mounting style, then we’ve got you covered with all the alternative mounting styles available in the market.

Some other ways your keyboard can be mounted are by using tray mounts, top and bottom mounts, sandwich mounts, and integrated plates.

  • Tray Mounting

Tray mounting is the process of attaching the Circuit board to the bottom of your keyboard housing base. The tray refers to the mechanical keyboard base located inside the housing.

Tray-mounted keyboards have a rigid feel because the keys are closer to the rising posts, resulting in a colliding sound and feel when typing.

The Tray Mount is a common type of mounting that works for most keyboard plates. However, disassembling it is relatively complex as the keycaps must be removed to access the screw that opens the keyboard.

  • Top Mounting

Top Mount is a high-end mounting style that ensures a reliable typing feel and sound profile across the entire keyboard. Since the Circuit board and Plate are attached at the sides, the PCB and tray are secured to the upper portion of the keyboard case to allow downward flex and accuracy.

  • Bottom Mounting

The top frame and keyboard plate are attached to the bottom frame in a bottom-mounted keyboard.

The bottom-mounted keyboard, much like the top-mounted keyboard, is a little more complicated than other mounting styles.

Bottom mounts are excellent in terms of consistency, having a rigid design as the Plate is attached stiffly to the bottom of the keyboard base.

  • Sandwich Mounting

The Plate is between sandwich mount keyboards’ upper and lower keyboard cases.

The sandwich Mount is preferential because of its dependability and durability.

However, it’s important to note that the sandwich mounting method feels rigid to the touch since the Plate is fixed between the top and bottom cases.

  • Half-Plate Mounting

The plate on half-plate mounted keyboards is cut to fit the top row and keyboard modifiers. This reduction in plate surface enables more customization in your keypad alpha key cluster. This will change the sound of your keyboard because the alpha keys will not produce as much echo.

  • Plateless Mounting

Unlike other mounting types, the switches on a Plateless (Circuit board) layout keyboard are directly attached to the circuit board (PCB) instead of to a separate plate. The Printed Circuit(PCB) of the keyboard can be assembled on either the top or bottom of the chassis.

Because of their design and mounting mechanism, plateless keyboards are soft and readily damaged. In addition, they are composed of flexible materials, which makes them brittle.

  • Integrated Plates

As the name suggests, the integrated Plate refers to the Plate and top housing of the keyboard to be manufactured as a single piece, which results in a very stiff and sturdy feel to the keyboard.

In contrast to other keyboard mounting methods, the Integrated Plate method stands out because it combines the top frame and the Plate into a single piece that integrates the two without using additional fittings.

Pros and Cons of Gasket Mounted Keyboards

We’re all aware of the fact that something that has its advantages also has its disadvantages. Similarly, a gasket-mounted keyboard has both too. Therefore, we consider it to be essential to highlight the merits and demerits of a gasket-mounted keyboard before you make your valuable purchase.

The Pros:

1- Noise Absorption

The most commonly known advantage of a gasket mount is its ability to absorb the vibrations of the keyboard and act as a dampener by reducing the click noises of the keys.

2- Provides Stability

The gasket material effectively holds the Plate in place and acts as a barrier between the Plate and the keyboard case. As a result, any noise caused by direct interaction between Plate and the case is avoided.

3- Blocks Dust and Other Contaminants

The gasket aids in the sealing of the keyboard from the surroundings, preventing contaminants from entering and causing harm.

4- Provides Durability and Reliability

Gasket-mounted keyboards generally last longer than their unsealed counterparts. As a result, they are frequently the best choice for applications where reliability is pivotal.

5- Easy Installation and Removal

The gasket mount is also easier to set up and remove than conventional keyboard mounts, making it an excellent choice for individuals who frequently alternate between gameplay and desktop computer setups.

The Cons:

1- Not Provided in Most Keyboards

Unfortunately, as much as we enjoy its feel, gasket mounting is not made available on most popular keyboards.

2- Unaffordability

The extraordinary features provided by this mounting style come at a cost, that too, at a high price that is not easily affordable by many.

3- Difficult to Clean

The gasket mounting provides a barrier to contaminants. However, cleaning it can be quite a task.

Gasket Mounted Keyboard: FAQ’s

Still have some unanswered queries? Then, read ahead to help you find the answer to your questions.

What Makes A Gasket Mount Superior to Other Mounting Styles?

Gasket-mounted keyboards provide an improved user experience because the rubber material in their construction keeps the keys flexible and smooth. As one notices less vibration and noise upon pressing it.

How Does it Feel?

A gasket mounted keyboard feels smooth and cushioned. This is due to the use of silicon or rubber to hold the keyboard. This cushiony soft feel occurs due to the rubber material. When you push the keys down into the cushion, rubbers have lesser resistance, creating lesser noise and generating a smooth surface.

How Does it Sound?

Gasket-mounted keyboards are designed to produce less noise than traditional keyboards. The gaskets are placed between the keyboard plate or PCB and the case, providing a cushion that absorbs impact and reduces noise. 

Gasket-mounted keyboards typically have a cleaner sound profile, as the gaskets help to dampen high frequencies. While gasket-mounted keyboards may not be completely silent, they can significantly reduce noise, making them ideal for use in the office or other quiet environments.

Is it Suitable for Gaming?

Gasket mounts are adequate for video games. If you play a lot of video games or work in dirty or dusty environments, your keyboard may risk wearing out faster; the gasket mount can help shield it from these environmental hazards.

If such issues arise, the quality of your gaming experience may suffer. But worry no more, as your gaming experience will be amplified by a quieter, less clattering keyboard and a smoother feel on the keycaps thanks to the gasket mount’s incorporation of rubber material. Some gamers have also been revealed to be able to concentrate more thoroughly on their games when using gasket-mounted keyboards.

What would be a less costly alternative to a gasket mount?

The O-ring Mount is a less expensive and easier to implement an alternative to gasket mounting. It is a simple modification that replaces the gasket with an O-ring and has been found to improve vibration, shock absorption, and thermal conductivity.

Furthermore, the O-ring Mount is substantially easier to install than a gasket mount, making it an appealing option for those who want to boost the performance of their desktop without spending a significant amount of money.

Should I go for a gasket mount keyboard?

A gasket mount keyboard is an excellent option if you want a quieter keyboard with less key vibration. Gasket mount keyboards are also less vulnerable to dust and debris accumulation, making them ideal for challenging environmental conditions.

Gasket mount keyboards, as a result, are more expensive than other keyboard mounting styles.

Is it possible to gasket Mount a regular keyboard?

A top-mount keyboard can be gasket mounted. However, it may be challenging to carry out as you must first ensure that the gasket is positioned correctly with the keycaps.


While gasket mounts are rare in the market and more expensive than other mounting styles, they are a technological marvel that you may consider if you are considering buying a high-end keyboard or intend to construct your own.

The lack of direct contact between the Plate and the keyboard case distinguishes gasket mounts from other mounting styles, providing softness in texture and sound that you won’t be able to attain otherwise.

Remember that the feel of a keyboard is entirely subjective, meaning that gasket mounts may not be suitable for you, given how different they are from the rest of the available options. Therefore it’s advisable to gain as much information about them and put them to the test before having to commit.

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