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What does the Win + C keyboard shortcut?

Among the vast array of Windows shortcuts, the Win + C combination has a distinct place, offering a gateway to a realm of functionality that can streamline your digital tasks. 

This keyboard shortcut opens the Charms bar to access commonly used functions such as Search, Settings, and Share. Moreover, you can also use it to quickly access the Cortana virtual assistant.

This comprehensive post embarks on a journey to demystify the Win + C keyboard shortcut. It will trace its origins, reveal its multifaceted features, and shed light on its potential to enhance your Windows experience. Keep reading to learn more. 

Programs Using the Win + C Keyboard Shortcut

Even though the Win + C keyboard shortcut was initially dedicated to activating Cortana on Windows, it has found extensive use on other programs. Here are just a few. 

Program Win + C Keyboard Shortcut Function
Windows 10summons Cortana in listening mode 
Clipboard Masterallows you to access and paste previously copied content
Windows 11activates Microsoft Teams
Androidopens the contact list 
Samsung Dexdirects you to your contact list

Uses of the Win + C keyboard shortcut

Here are some of the practical applications and uses of Win + C as they were in Windows 10:

  • Voice commands: Win + C allows you to activate Cortana, making using voice commands for various tasks easy. You can use it to check the weather, set reminders, find information, open applications, and control your computer with voice commands.
  • Quick access: it provides quick access to Cortana’s features without clicking the Cortana icon or using the mouse. This is particularly useful for hands-free or fast interactions when busy with other tasks.
  • Customization: You can customize Cortana’s settings and behavior through Win + C, tailoring it to your preferences. This includes changing Cortana’s voice, turning certain features on or off, and configuring privacy settings.
  • Clipboard management: some users find creative uses for Win + C, such as managing the clipboard more efficiently. You can use voice commands to copy and paste text, simplifying the process for tasks that involve copying and pasting frequently.
  • Windows search: in some Windows updates, Win + C is integrated with Windows Search, allowing you to search for files, apps, and settings quickly. This makes it a versatile shortcut for finding information on your computer.
  • Accessibility: Win + C is valuable for users with disabilities, as it provides a hands-free way to interact with the computer and perform tasks using voice commands.

Please note that the practical applications of Win + C may have changed or evolved with subsequent Windows updates.


In the ever-evolving computing landscape, where innovation and efficiency reign supreme, we’ve embarked on a journey to uncover the hidden gem of the Win + C keyboard shortcut. This unassuming combination, often overlooked, has proven to be a powerful tool for Windows users seeking to streamline their digital interactions.

The Win + C keyboard shortcut, while born in the era of Cortana, has evolved beyond expectations. It remains a symbol of the enduring value of keyboard shortcuts in enhancing your computing experiences. 

Whether you’re an everyday user or a tech enthusiast, Win + C invites you to explore, experiment, and unlock the true potential of your Windows ecosystem.

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