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What Does the Ctrl + Shift + L Keyboard Shortcut? – Defkey

Keyboard shortcuts are the unsung heroes of efficient computer usage, offering a swift and often overlooked way to perform tasks with finesse. In the world of key combinations, Ctrl + Shift + L stands as a versatile and powerful entry, but its function can be as elusive as it is indispensable.

This post looks at the role of the Ctrl + Shift + L keyboard shortcut within various software applications and sheds light on its potential to elevate your digital dexterity. Keep reading to learn more.

Web Applications

While its exact behavior can vary depending on your web browser, here’s how Ctrl + Shift + L generally works in popular web applications.

ProgramCtrl + Shift + L Keyboard Shortcut Function
After Effectsunlocks all layers in the timeline and also aligns the selected text left, right, or center
Adobe Illustratoraligns selected text left
Harmonylocks all elements
Premier Proaligns text left
Mozilla Firefoxopens a new private browsing window 
Google Sheetsaligns text in selected cells to the left
Loomstarts or stops recording
Tumblrinserts a horizontal line
Adobe Acrobat Readertiles all open windows vertically

Troubleshooting Issues With Ctrl + Shift + L

Troubleshooting issues with the Ctrl + Shift + L keyboard shortcut can be essential for resolving conflicts or ensuring that the shortcut functions correctly. Here are steps you can follow to troubleshoot and resolve problems with this keyboard shortcut:

  • Check application settings: confirm the application you’re in uses the shortcut
  • Verify OS settings: ensure no conflicts in your operating system’s keyboard layout and language preferences
  • Review browser extensions: turn off extensions that might interfere with shortcuts in web browsers
  • Test in a different context: see if it works in another application or environment
  • Restart: close and reopen the application or browser
  • Update software: keep your OS, applications, and browsers up to date
  • Customize shortcuts: change shortcuts in application or OS settings if needed
  • Use Shortcut Manager: consider a third-party manager for better control
  • Consult support: seek help from application or system support if issues persist
  • Check hardware: Ensure your keyboard is functioning correctly


In summary, keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl + Shift + L are versatile tools in various software applications and operating systems. While their specific functions may differ from one program to another, they all aim to enhance efficiency and productivity.

From word processors to image editors, these shortcuts adapt to our needs, allowing us to streamline tasks and navigate digital environments efficiently. Whether you’re a writer, designer, or an everyday computer user, mastering the Ctrl + Shift + L keyboard shortcuts can significantly boost your digital productivity. 

So, embrace their potential, tailor them to your preferences, and watch your efficiency soar in a time-conscious world.


What should I do if Ctrl + Shift + L doesn’t work in a specific application or website?

First, check if the shortcut has a specific function within that application or webpage. If not, try restarting the application or browser and ensure your operating system and software are current. If the problem persists, consider customizing the shortcut or seeking assistance from the application’s support resources.

How do I customize Ctrl + Shift + L if it conflicts with other shortcuts?

Depending on your application or operating system, you can customize keyboard shortcuts in settings or preferences. Look for the relevant customization options, select the function you want to change and assign a different key combination.

Could browser extensions be causing issues with Ctrl + Shift + L?

Yes, browser extensions can sometimes interfere with keyboard shortcuts. Disable or uninstall extensions one by one to identify any conflicts.

What if Ctrl + Shift + L works in some applications but not others?

If the shortcut functions in some applications but not others, it could be due to specific settings or conflicts within those applications. Check the keyboard shortcut settings within each application and customize them if needed.

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