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What does the Alt + P keyboard shortcut do?

In computing, keyboard shortcuts are like secret codes that can unlock efficiency and productivity. One such mysterious combination is Alt + P. 

You’re in the right place if you’ve ever wondered what Alt + P does. This post will unravel the power of this keyboard shortcut, exploring its significance in various applications and how it can boost your digital productivity. Keep reading to learn more. 

Alt + P in Common Applications

The Alt + P keyboard shortcut has multiple uses in computing; below, we look at the most prevalent. 

  1. Alt + P in Microsoft Word

In Microsoft Word, Alt + P is your ticket to efficient paragraph formatting. Pressing this combination allows you to access a range of formatting options, including line spacing, alignment, and bullet points. It’s a handy tool for fine-tuning your documents without digging through menus.

  1. Alt + P in PowerPoint

In PowerPoint presentations, Alt + P is your partner for quickly inserting a new slide. Whether creating a presentation from scratch or adding content on the fly, this keyboard shortcut helps maintain your flow and keeps your audience engaged.

  1. Alt + P in Excel

Working with spreadsheets in Excel? Alt + P is a nifty shortcut for initiating the print dialogue. It allows you to set printing parameters like page layout and orientation swiftly. Say goodbye to the hassle of navigating through menus to print your worksheets.

Alt + P in Web Browsers

  1. Alt + P in Google Chrome

For avid Google Chrome users, Alt + P opens the print dialogue, simplifying the process of printing web pages. You can customize print settings, ensuring your printed materials match your preferences.

  1. Alt + P in Mozilla Firefox

Firefox fans can enjoy the benefits of Alt + P, which brings up the page setup and print options. This shortcut enhances your browsing experience by making web page printing a breeze.

Alt + P in File Explorer

  1. Alt + P in Windows File Explorer

Navigating files and folders in Windows File Explorer becomes more efficient with Alt + P. This keyboard shortcut toggles the preview pane, allowing you to view the contents of files without opening them. It’s a handy way to preview documents quickly.

Alt + P in Other Software and Applications

  1. Alt + P in Adobe Acrobat Reader

In Adobe Acrobat Reader, Alt + P takes you directly to page navigation and printing options. This shortcut simplifies the handling of PDF documents, a common task for many professionals.

  1. Alt + P in Blender

In 3D modeling and animation, you often create complex scenes with multiple objects. Sometimes, you want one object to be dependent on or controlled by another. This is where Alt + P or parenting comes into play. You can parent one object to another, making the child object follow the transformations (position, rotation, scale) of the parent object.


The Alt + P keyboard shortcut is a versatile tool that significantly enhances your computing experience. Whether you’re a writer, presenter, spreadsheet guru, or web surfer, Alt + P can help streamline your tasks. 

Keyboard shortcuts like Alt + P are valuable assets in the digital age, offering a faster and more efficient way to interact with your computer. So, try Alt + P and unlock a world of possibilities in your digital journey.

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