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What Does a Low Profile Keyboard Mean (Everything You Need to Know)?

With the rise of technology, new and advanced gadgets are making their way to the consumer market. One of the new technologies on the table is a low-profile keyboard.

In this guide, we’ll discuss what a low-profile keyboard means and everything you need to know about this technology.

Let’s dive right in.

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What Is a Low-Profile Keyboard? 

A low-profile keyboard is simply a minimized version of the standard mechanical keyboard. It comes in shorter heights than the standard mechanical keyboard. This height difference is made possible by the smaller size of the keyboard’s construction, switches, and keycaps.

Conventional high-profile keyboard and latest low-profile keyboard
Conventional high-profile keyboard and latest low-profile keyboard Image

The term “low-profile” was coined to emphasize the keyboard’s reduced height.

The main goal of creating the low-profile keyboard, in my opinion, is to reduce visual bulk, improve ergonomics, and reduce wrist strain.

The low-profile keyboard has evolved into an excellent midway between the membrane and mechanical keyboards. Furthermore, its professional and minimalist design has grown in popularity among programmers and content creators in recent years.

Low-profile keyboards are portable and travel-friendly due to their reduced height. They are intended to take the place of traditional high-profile mechanical and portable membrane keyboards.

We have found Keychron K3 and Logitech G915 as the best low-profile keyboards of 2022 in our expert review.

Are Low-Profile Keyboards, Mechanical or Membrane-made? 

The low-profile keyboard is available in both mechanical and membrane variants. They differ, though, so it’s vital to be aware of this as it can help you decide what you need and what to buy.

The low-profile mechanical keyboard comes in a shorter style than the low-profile membrane. This change in height can be attributed to the switch’s design used in the mechanical keyboard. The size of the low-profile mechanical keyboard also makes it suitable for gamers to use.

Unlike the low-profile mechanical keyboard, the low-profile membrane keyboard comes with a rubber sheet on which the keycaps rest on, before hitting the switch when it is pressed.

While both keyboard models are excellent, it is believed that the low-profile membrane keyboard is more attractive than the mechanical version and less pricey than the low-profile mechanical keyboard. However, they lack the responsiveness and feedback that the mechanical has regarding touch.

How To Identify a Low-Profile Keyboard

Given that the low-profile keyboard is a new product (at least in 2022), it might be challenging to recognize it. The following are characteristics of a low-profile keyboard.

Height of a Low-Profile Keyboard

One of the distinctive features of a low-profile keyboard is its height, representing a considerable change.

Similar to the keyboard on a laptop, the low-profile keyboard has a reduced height. It is available with shorter keypads, casings, and switches, which significantly impact the keyboard’s size.

The low-profile keyboard is half as high as the conventional mechanical keyboard. Every single aspect of the low-profile keyboard is influenced substantially by its height.

Low-Profile Keyboard is Portable

The low-profile keyboard is highly portable, thanks to its reduction in height and size.

Also, due to the keyboard’s lower elevation, lower switch, and other design features, it is easy to carry your keyboard wherever you go.

Low-Profile Keyboard has Low Switch

A mechanical keyboard’s switch is a crucial component. The switch on the low-profile keyboard differs from the one on a regular keyboard. It differs because the low-profile board needs an adapted switch that is also low-profile to obtain a smaller and lighter keyboard.

Compared to conventional switches, those for the low-profile keyboard produce a distinct sound and have a shorter range. However, there are similar functions for low-profile switches as traditional mechanical keyboards.

You find the keyboard convenient because of its weight and size, especially if you travel frequently. If the board is wireless, it becomes much easier to use.

A low Profile Keyboard is Ergonomic

Comfort is a feature of low-profile keyboards. With the low-profile keyboard, you may type or play games for extended periods without experiencing wrist pain because you don’t have to elevate your hands.

In contrast to the conventional mechanical keyboard, your wrist sits near your keyboard at a reduced distance which helps you relax.

Disadvantages Of Low-Profile Keyboards

While low profile keyboard is good and has a lot of advantages, it also comes with disadvantages that you need to consider before purchase. They are as follows.

  1. Lack Of Availability: 

Due to its limited availability, the low-profile keyboard is not widely enjoyed by potential users.

Compared to high-end keyboards, which are widely available and manufactured by different brands, low-profile keyboards are only created by a small number of companies, which impacts how accessible they should be.

One may contend that the low-profile keyboard is made feasible by employing a different switch rather than the typical mechanical switch. 

  • Customization

In contrast to the high-profile keyboard, the low-profile keyboard does not allow for customization. This could be the result of different switches and keypads from high-profile keyboards.

Low-profile keyboards employ low-profile switches; however, they have trouble switching.

Like altering the switch, changing the keycaps on a low-profile keyboard can be quite challenging due to their distinctive differences. This is because it might be difficult to find the exact type of keypad.

Difference Between Low Profile Keyboard and A High-profile Keyboard

Mechanical keyboards are available in two types; these are high-profile keyboards and low-profile keyboards.

While both are available for purchase, one has been in use much longer than the other. Knowing the difference between the two will help you make a good choice when purchasing a keyboard.

  • A low profile is recommended to be more comfortable since the keys are interactive, while the high-profile keyboard may not be super comfortable, considering the wrist’s height and placement while it is in use. 
  • A significant difference between the two types of keyboards is the physical difference. The high-profile is higher in height while the low-profile keyboard is short. 
  • The low-profile keyboard makes less noise than those with high profiles because it is built with parts much closer to one another, unlike the high-profile keyboard. 
  • The low profile is suitable for gaming because it was intentionally created for gaming use. However, a high-profile keyboard is more dependable and easier to clean.
  • The high-profile keyboard accommodates customization and allows you to change the switches; however, the low-profile keyboard does not accommodate these changes. 

Your choice of keyboard purchase is solely dependent on your demands and preference. Before you purchase any keyboard, we recommend you settle on the purpose of use as it can influence whether to buy the low-profile or high-profile keyboard. 

Parts Of a Low-Profile Keyboard  

Low-Profile Switch

An essential component of the low-profile keyboard is a low-profile switch. Its functions are identical to those of a typical switch. However, it is made differently to fit inside a low-profile keyboard.

How important are the Low-Profile Switches?

Assessing whether low-profile switches are beneficial could be challenging because only users can determine whether they are suitable for use based on their demands. Yet, there are certain benefits to the low-profile switches.

The low-profile switch is ideal for a low-profile keyboard because of its highly modest height.

As a result of the low-profile switch’s height, the weight of the entire keyboard diminishes, enabling you to carry the low-profile board wherever you go. You can take the keyboard in your luggage without feeling the pressure because the decrease in size considerably impacts the device’s weight.

The low-profile switch’s small height contributes to user comfort as well.

A significant importance of the low-profile switch is that it is perfect for gaming. Low-profile switches produced by a company such as Cherry are built especially for gaming activities. The low-profile switch gives gamers a good edge as the actuation points are reduced, making them sensitive to react to things quickly.

Low-profile switches are also great for typing; they can help you increase your typing speed as they are quick and easy to type.

Even with these advantages, low-profile switches offer, they also have drawbacks that some people might be unwilling to accept.

One of its most serious downsides is the unavailability of the switch for purchase. Low-profile switches are uncommon and are only available in fewer selections than other switches. Their inability to switch and unsuitability for custom scenarios is another disadvantage worth considering.

The switches are frequently firm, making it difficult to switch them for purposes like lubricating and recording for better use. If you need to make some customization, the low-profile switch is not the best for you.

Most people searching for bespoke keypads don’t find it unavailable or find case plate collisions.

If you are familiar with a standard control, using the low-profile switch might be hard to do. 


Keycaps, the visible keys on keyboards, activate the switches underneath by acting as activators. It is the first part you interact with when using the keyboard, as it is the face of the keyboard. Pushing the keycap activates the controls when it comes in contact with the switch.

In comparison to ordinary keycaps, low-profile keycaps are a shorter sort of keycap. These keycaps are explicitly created to accommodate the low-profile keyboard and have a distinct design to high keycaps. It also has a sleeker, thinner appearance.

Low-profile keycaps provide more comfortability than high-profile keycaps; they also have a short travel distance, making typing easy and faster.

The short travel distance also reduces pain in the fingers and wrists after typing for a long time. The low-profile keycaps also come in a beautiful and sleek body, which makes it aesthetically pleasing than the other type of keycaps.

Is a Low-Profile Keyboard Better for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Those with carpal tunnel syndrome are advised to use a low-profile keyboard.

This is to help them rest in a more comfortable posture while using the keyboard, as the low-profile keyboard has reduced height.

This makes typing more accessible and less likely to result in wrist and finger fractures.


A low-profile keyboard is excellent for a variety of tasks.

They expedite your work and make it easier for you to use them. Having learned all about low-profile keyboards will help you make an informed decision about purchasing the right keyboard for the task at hand.

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