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War Thunder (Tank) game hotkeys

War Thunder, a popular military vehicle combat game, places you in the cockpit or on the battlefield of various tanks, planes, and ships from different eras. Success in the game often depends on quick decision-making and precise control of your vehicle. 

To achieve this, you rely on a range of hotkeys keyboard shortcuts that allow for rapid execution of in-game commands. 

This post will delve into the world of War Thunder tank gameplay hotkeys, highlighting their importance and how they can significantly improve your performance on the battlefield. Keep reading to learn more. 

War Thunder Hotkeys

War Thunder HotkeyFunction
S, Up Arrow, W, or Down Arrowadjusts the tank’s throttle 
D, Forward Arrow, B, Back Arrowsteers tank
Ecruise control engaged
Qcruise control disengaged
Double Left Click Mousefires the main guns
Left Click Mousefires primary guns
Spacefires the machine gun
Left Ctrlfires the special guns
Gsmoke grenade
Hactivates smoke screen
Alt + R toggles radar search
Alt + Tlocks on target on the radar
Alt + Fshows radar lock type
Left Shiftturns sniper mode on
Right Click Mousetracks tank
Frepairs tank
1shell type one
2shell type two
3shell type three
4shell type four
5artillery strike
6activates fire extinguisher
7switch to aircraft one
8switch to aircraft two
9switch to aircraft three
0tows rope
Alt + F9mount custom sights

What is War Thunder Game?

War Thunder is a popular free-to-play military vehicle combat game developed by Gaijin Entertainment. The game offers a vast and immersive multiplayer experience, where you can engage in battles involving various types of military vehicles, including tanks, aircraft, and ships. 

War Thunder is known for its attention to historical accuracy and realism, offering various vehicles from different eras, including World War II and the Cold War period. You can choose to control any of the vessels and participate in battles set in various theaters of war, such as the European front, the Pacific, and more. 

The game offers a combination of player vs. player (PvP) and player vs. environment (PvE) modes, allowing you to engage in realistic and intense combat scenarios. One of the key features of War Thunder is its realistic physics and damage models, which add to the authenticity of the gameplay. 

The game also includes a progression system that allows you to unlock and upgrade vehicles as you gain experience and currency through battles. War Thunder has a large and dedicated player base, and it’s available on multiple platforms, including PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. 

The game continues to receive updates and expansions, introducing new vehicles, maps, and gameplay features to keep the experience fresh and engaging for players. It’s widely regarded as one of the most comprehensive and realistic military vehicle combat games available.

Benefits of Using Hotkeys in War Thunder

Using hotkeys in War Thunder offers several benefits, significantly improving your overall gameplay experience:

  1. Quick and Efficient Controls

Hotkeys allow you to perform actions with a single keystroke, making it faster and more efficient than navigating menus or using mouse clicks. This speed is crucial in a fast-paced game like War Thunder.

  1. Enhanced Maneuverability

Hotkeys for acceleration, braking, and steering enable you to make precise movements and maneuvers in the heat of battle. This can be the difference between avoiding an enemy’s shot or being a sitting duck.

  1. Improved Targeting

Hotkeys for gun elevation, depression, and rangefinding help you aim more accurately, ensuring your shots hit their mark. Quick adjustments can make a significant difference in combat situations.

  1. Streamlined Weapon Usage

Hotkeys for firing, reloading, and switching ammunition types allow for seamless weapon management. You can change tactics and adapt to various enemy types and situations.

  1. Swift Communication

Tactical hotkeys for map-related commands and quick chat enable you to communicate with your team effectively. Sharing information and coordinating with teammates is vital for victory.

  1. Customization for Personal Playstyle

War Thunder’s hotkeys are customizable, so you can set them up to match your preferred playstyle. This adaptability ensures that the controls feel comfortable and intuitive for you.

  1. Better Crew Management

Hotkeys for crew-related actions, such as evacuating, issuing orders, and reassigning crew members, streamline the management of your tank and team.

  1. Resource Management

Using hotkeys for functions like repairing, extinguishing fires, and deploying support resources (fire extinguishers, artillery strikes) ensures you can respond swiftly to in-game events, helping to keep your tank operational and ready for action.

  1. Advanced Strategies

Advanced users can create macros and combine multiple hotkeys to execute complex strategies or actions with a single command, allowing for more advanced and tactical gameplay.

  1. Competitive Advantage

Mastering hotkeys can give you a competitive edge over opponents who rely solely on manual controls, especially in high-stress combat situations. The ability to react quickly and precisely can make a substantial difference.

  1. Ease of Learning

While mastering all the hotkeys may take time, their consistent use can help streamline your learning curve. As you become more comfortable with the hotkeys, your gameplay will improve.


In War Thunder tank battles, hotkeys are the unsung heroes of efficient gameplay. They provide swift and precise control, helping you navigate, target, and interact seamlessly with your team. 

These shortcuts are not only about speed but also customization, tailoring controls to your unique style. They empower advanced strategies through macros, reducing complexity and heightening your experience. 

They remain a reliable companion as War Thunder evolves, offering a constant bridge between you and the game’s intricacies. So embrace them, customize, and practice to stand at the forefront of the action, ready to face any challenge that comes your way.


What are hotkeys in War Thunder, and why are they important?

Hotkeys in War Thunder are keyboard shortcuts that allow players to execute various in-game commands quickly and efficiently. They are essential for optimizing your tank’s performance, enhancing targeting, and streamlining gameplay, especially amid intense battles.

Are hotkeys customizable in War Thunder?

Hotkeys in War Thunder are fully customizable. You can tailor them to match your preferred playstyle, ensuring your controls feel intuitive and responsive. The ability to customize hotkeys allows you to create a personalized gaming experience.

Do hotkeys work the same way for tanks, aircraft, and naval vessels in War Thunder?

While many hotkeys are similar across different vehicle types in War Thunder, some are specific to each type. Understanding the hotkeys for the particular vehicle you are operating is essential to make the most of their capabilities.

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