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Split Backspace Keyboards (All You Should Know)

It is tough to imagine your life without a computer. It is the primary tool for most people today. But some of us do not use the keyboard to the maximum, making life much more difficult.

Information about the split backspace keyboards will help you work and have fun much easier.

A split backspace key on your keyboard might help you type faster and more comfortably, among other things, if you’ve previously looked into keyboard modification and discovered ways to make a keyboard more ergonomic.

This post will explore it in-depth to provide a thorough understanding of split backspace.

What is Split Backspace

Split backspaces are backspace keys separated into two individual keys, one of which serves as a standard backspace key and the other of which may be used as an extra key.

This modification aims to slim down too large and useless keys so that more keys with more complex functions may be added to the keyboard. In other words, you may add a key for better computer work if you appropriately change the keys’ placement and functionality. It can be helpful for those who have trouble reaching the standard backspace key.

Since you may push the keys with your thumb rather than your index finger while using the split backspace, it may also be more straightforward.

what is a Split Backspace
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The split backspace might be more challenging for certain people since pushing both keys simultaneously can be challenging.

Furthermore, using the split backspace may be less convenient because your fingers must be forced into an awkward posture to access the keys.

How does split backspace work?

A split backspace often divides your conventional 2U backspace button in half (into two separate keys). Typically, you may select any two keys for these two keys.

What Function Does a Split Backspace Represent?

Although the idea of a split backspace may initially appear ludicrous, its function is as primary as they come.

By making the backspace key wider, you may add more remappable keys that you can use for whatever reason to a portion of the keypad that is arguably one of the easiest to access.

Depending on how you use your keyboard, there are numerous possibilities for what you may do with all these keys, but it is clear that they provide great convenience.

The best keyboard for Split backspace

Not all keyboards support backspace split, but luckily we have a recommendation for you. The KBDFans 8X (TKL) and 19X (1800) have split backspaces and shifts.

Here are some of the features of this keyboard:


  • Aluminum
  • Design: Fixed 84
  • 7° typing angle
  • Arrangement: Top mount
  • Polycarbonate material, plate
  • Brass weight bars
  • Underglow: RGB
  • Creator: ai03


Brass box with aluminum top and bottom pieces KBD8X MarK II Weight x1, Polycarbonate Plate x1, One Cherry screw-in stabilizer set with 60 soldered PCBs and one KBD8X 1 case foam, rubber feet, and screws.

Features of PCBs

– Switch-inside backlighting

– Backlight/number lock indication switch

– Cutouts for dual flex slots

– Underglow RGB

– ESD and overcurrent prevention – USB Type C

What Purpose Does a Split Spacebar Serve?

Why someone would want to utilize a split spacebar keyboard may be a mystery to you. After all, the conventional keyboard layout has been in use for many years and is perfectly functional.

So what advantages do split spacebar keyboards offer?

The following are some arguments in favor of utilizing one:

  • A rise in comfort

If you type a lot, you are probably aware of how unpleasant a conventional keyboard can be. The split backspace keyboard is intended to be more comfortable, allowing you to text for extended periods without becoming tired.

As we previously indicated, it may be advantageous for those who have trouble using their finger to reach the backspace button.

  • Improved ergonomy

The split backspace keyboard is more comfortable to use than a conventional one. Your wrists and fingers will be less stressed, lowering your chance of suffering from repetitive strain injuries.

  • Facilitates faster typing

The more natural posture of your hands when using a split backspace keyboard allows you to type faster. You may improve your typing speed and accuracy by doing this.

Is Split Backspace Useless?

A split backspace may not be necessary for everyone. While it may benefit some, it might not significantly impact others. You might want to try a standard backspace first to see if it works for you because split backspace can be more costly than traditional backspace.

But for those who can benefit from its ergonomically sound design, which is fantastic for your hands and wrists, it may be of tremendous assistance. Overall, it increases productivity and cannot be characterized as being exaggerated.

However, there are many objections to a split backspace:

One of the main criticisms of a split backspace is that it might be challenging to utilize. It is because pressing two keys simultaneously might be challenging, and your fingers have to be in an awkward posture to reach these keyboard keys.

Furthermore, some users discover that the split backspace doesn’t provide enough room for their fingers, making typing more challenging.

Some claim that the split backspace is more straightforward than the standard spacebar. It is because pressing a key with your finger might be more pleasant than using your thumb finger.

The split backspace may also be simpler to access, speeding up typing.

Do split keyboards facilitate typing better?

Split: A split keyboard gives you more flexibility to position the left and right halves at a precise angle that properly preserves your hands, elbows, and shoulder. This feature is included on all comfortable keyboards.


People may find a split backspace to be a helpful tool. Additionally, it might make typing more pleasant for those who type frequently. You need to pay attention to whether you need it. If this will be a good solution for your work, you will need to use Split Backspace. But if this is an unnecessary feature for you. It is better to use the keyboard in typical mode.

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