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Snip & Sketch (Hotkeys)

Snip & Sketch is a screen capture and annotation tool developed by Microsoft for Windows 10 and later versions. It is designed to help users easily capture screenshots of their desktop or specific application windows and then annotate, mark up, or edit the captured images. Snip & Sketch is a successor to the earlier Snipping Tool, offering more features and integration with Windows Ink for improved drawing and annotation capabilities.

Keyboard Shortcuts Used in Snip & Sketch AVImark

Snip & Sketch in Windows 10 and later versions offers a few keyboard shortcuts to streamline the process of capturing and editing screenshots. Here are some of the most common keyboard shortcuts used in Snip & Sketch:

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Global Shortcut

Win + ↑ Shift + S

The Win + ↑ Shift + S shortcut is used to take a screenshot of a selected area on the screen. This shortcut can be used even without starting the Snip & Sketch application. When you press these keys together, the screen will dim, and a cursor will appear, allowing you to select the desired area for capturing. After selecting the area, the screenshot is copied to the clipboard.

It’s important to note that screenshots taken using this shortcut are not automatically saved to a file. They are only stored in the clipboard, which means you need to manually paste them into an image editing program or document. To automatically save a screenshot taken with this shortcut, you can use the Windows + PrintScreen shortcut instead. This combination saves the captured image directly to your Pictures\Screenshots folder.

It’s worth mentioning that the Windows + PrintScreen shortcut is not specific to Snip & Sketch but captures the entire screen instead of allowing you to select a specific area. This shortcut is useful when you want to quickly capture and save a screenshot without any further editing or annotation.

Other General Shortcuts

1. Alt + M

This shortcut opens a drop-down menu where you can select the desired snipping mode, such as rectangular, freeform, window, or full-screen.

2. Alt + N

 Pressing this combination will initiate a new snip using the same snipping mode as the previous one.

3.  Shift + Arrow keys (↑, ←, ↓, →) 

After initiating a snip, you can use the arrow keys to move the cursor to select from different types of snips.

4. Alt + D

This shortcut sets a delay before capturing the snip, allowing you to prepare or open specific windows or menus that you want to include in the screenshot.

5. Alt + R

 After capturing a snip, pressing this combination will open the cropping tool, enabling you to crop or resize the captured image.

6. Alt + I

This shortcut activates the pen tool, which allows you to draw freehand annotations on your snip.

7. Alt + I then Alt + I

After activating the pen tool, pressing these two combinations successively opens a color palette where you can choose your preferred pen color.

8. Alt + H: 

 This shortcut enables the highlighter tool, which lets you emphasize specific parts of your snip with a translucent color overlay.

9. Alt + H then Alt + H:

 After activating the highlighter tool, pressing these two combinations successively opens a color palette to select the desired highlighter color.

10. Alt + E:

 This shortcut activates the eraser tool, allowing you to remove any annotations or markings made on the snip.

11. Alt + E then Alt + E

After activating the eraser tool, pressing these two combinations successively opens a drop-down menu where you can choose to erase all ink or only selected parts.

12. Alt + T

 This shortcut enables touch typing mode, allowing you to add text annotations directly onto the snip using touch input.

13. Alt + Z

Pressing this combination activates the zoom tool, which magnifies a specific area of the snip for closer inspection.

14. Ctrl + C or Alt + C

 These shortcuts allow you to copy the captured snip to the clipboard for easy pasting into other applications or documents.

15. Ctrl + S

This shortcut is used to save the snip. After capturing a screenshot or making annotations, pressing Ctrl + S will prompt the user to save the snip with their desired filename and location.

16. Alt + A

This shortcut is used to share the snip. Pressing Alt + A opens the sharing options, allowing users to quickly send the snip via email, social media, or other compatible applications.

3. Alt + M

This shortcut is used to open the ‘…’ menu. Pressing Alt + M opens a drop-down menu with additional options such as copying the snip to clipboard, printing, or opening it in another application.

4. Ctrl + O 

This shortcut is used to open a file. Pressing Ctrl + O allows users to browse their computer for an existing image file and open it in Snip & Sketch for further editing or annotation.

5. Ctrl + P

This shortcut is used to print the snip. After capturing or editing a screenshot, pressing Ctrl + P opens the print dialog box, allowing users to select a printer and print the snip.

6. Ctrl + Z or Alt + U

 These shortcuts are used to undo an action. Pressing Ctrl + Z or Alt + U undoes the last action performed in Snip & Sketch, whether it’s capturing a screenshot, making an annotation, or any other modification.

7. Ctrl + Y or Alt + D

These shortcuts are used to redo an action. Pressing Ctrl + Y or Alt + D redoes an action that was previously undone using the undo shortcuts mentioned above.

8. Alt + F4

This shortcut is used to exit Snip & Sketch. Pressing Alt + F4 closes the application, prompting the user to save any unsaved changes before exiting.

Shortcuts Using the Mouse

1. Mouse Scroller

When capturing a snip using Snip & Sketch, you can use the mouse scroller to pan the snip area. This feature is particularly useful when you have selected a larger area than what is visible on your screen. By scrolling with your mouse, you can move the snip area around and capture the desired content.

2. Ctrl + Mouse Scroller

Another useful mouse shortcut in Snip & Sketch is Ctrl + mouse scroller, which allows you to zoom in or out while capturing a snip. This feature is beneficial when you want to focus on specific details or capture content that may be too small to see clearly at normal size. By holding down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and scrolling up or down with your mouse, you can adjust the zoom level of the snip area.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Snip & Sketch offers a variety of shortcuts that can enhance your productivity and efficiency when taking and editing screenshots. These shortcuts are easy to use and remember, and they can save you time and effort.

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