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RK61 keyboard shortcuts

The RK61 mechanical keyboard is not just a stylish addition to your workstation; it’s also a powerful tool for enhancing your productivity and convenience. Keyboard shortcuts are an integral part of the RK61’s functionality, allowing you to navigate your computer with ease and speed. 

This compact, wireless keyboard offers impressive features and compatibility with various operating systems. Whether you’re a Windows user, a Mac enthusiast, or a Linux aficionado, the RK61 covers you.

This post will explore the world of RK61 keyboard shortcuts, from the basics to advanced customization and gaming. Keep reading to learn more.

Common Keyboard Shortcuts

Establishing shortcuts on mechanical keyboards is usually easy, and the RK61 is no different. Below are some of the ones we found. 

Windows and Mac Shortcuts

  • Ctrl/Command + C, X, V – copy, cut, paste: these essential shortcuts make it easy to manipulate text and files efficiently
  • Ctrl/Command + Z, Y – undo, redo: quickly correct mistakes or redo actions with these commands
  • Alt/Option + Tab – switch between open applications: Switch seamlessly between running apps
  • Windows key/Command key – open Start Menu/Dock: Access your computer’s main menu easily
  • Ctrl/Command + S – save documents or files: Keep your work secure with this frequent saving shortcut

Navigation Shortcuts

  • Arrow keys – navigate through documents and web pages: Move your cursor effortlessly within text or on the web
  • Home and end keys – move to the beginning or end of a line. Edit text with precision using these keys
  • Page up and page down keys – scroll through documents: Speed through lengthy documents effortlessly

Text Editing Shortcuts

  • Ctrl/Command + A – select all text: Quickly highlight all text in a document
  • Ctrl/Command + F – open the find/search dialogue: Search for specific words or phrases in documents or web pages
  • Shift + Arrow keys – select text while navigating: Fine-tune your text selection using this combination
  • Ctrl/Command + Backspace/delete – delete words or entire lines: Streamline your editing with these shortcuts

Customizing RK61 Keyboard Shortcuts

Customizing the RK61 keyboard shortcuts allows you to tailor its functionality to your needs, making your computing experience more efficient and convenient. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to customize RK61 keyboard shortcuts:

  • Identify needs: determine which functions or actions you want to assign to keys
  • Check for software: check if the manufacturer provides software for customization
  • Install software: download and install any provided software
  • Connect keyboard: ensure your RK61 keyboard is connected
  • Open software: launch the installed software
  • Access key mapping: look for the key mapping or customization section
  • Select key: choose the key you want to customize
  • Assign function: assign a new function or action to the key
  • Save customization: save your changes
  • Test shortcut: verify that your new shortcut works
  • Repeat for more keys: customize additional keys if needed
  • Exit software: close the customization software
  • Use custom shortcuts: enjoy enhanced functionality with your custom shortcuts


Mastering RK61 keyboard shortcuts is a journey that can significantly boost your efficiency and convenience in computing tasks, from basic text editing to advanced macros. The RK61 keyboard’s compact design, compatibility with various operating systems, and customizable shortcuts make it a valuable tool for users of all levels. 

So, start exploring and experimenting with these shortcuts today to unlock the full potential of your RK61 keyboard. Whether you’re a professional seeking productivity gains or a gamer looking for that extra edge, the RK61 has you covered with its powerful shortcuts.

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