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Num 0 Hotkey: A Keyboard Shortcut’s Many Roles

In the realm of computing, efficiency is the linchpin of productivity, and mastering keyboard shortcuts is the key to unlocking it. Among the multitude of keyboard combinations, one often overlooked yet immensely useful hotkey is Num 0 or the Numeric Zero key.

While it might appear as a nondescript combination of keys, comprehending the Num 0 hotkey’s purpose and applications can significantly elevate your computing prowess.

This comprehensive post will embark on a journey to unveil the secrets of the Num 0 hotkey—exploring its functions and diverse use cases. Join us as we delve into the world of Num 0 and discover how it can revolutionize your digital experience. Keep reading to learn more. 

Programs using the Num 0 Hotkey

The function of the Num 0 hotkey, also known as the Numeric Zero key on the keyboard’s numeric keypad, typically varies depending on your software or application. Below, we highlight a few applications.

ProgramNum 0 Hotkey Function
FL Studiofasts forward the music track
Studio One 5.4selects stop
Vivaldizooms in and out of the page
DayZallows you to view your weapon
Company of Heroesreveals the map
Blendertakes you to the current frame
Arma 3allows you to look through your scope
Microsoft Flight Simulatorallows you to apply the left rudder to yaw the plane’s left
Paint Tools SAIadjusts the brush’s density
DoricoStops music playback
NuendoStops music playback
Assetto Corsarises the wing when present
DayZweapon sights
Company of Heroshides and reveals map
Mapeditresets shade
Adobe After Effectsstarts and stops preview
LightWave 3DMinimizes or maximizes the screen
Paint Tool SAIturns the brush density to 100
Mintty 3.4.0resets monitor focus
Potplayer 1.7Shows the frame size preset
Ready or Notengages the stinger
X4: Foundationsturns the camera mode on
Company of HerosHides and reveals the map
Enscapego back to the selected name view

Practical uses of the Num 0 hotkey

The Num 0 hotkey, often found on a keyboard’s numeric keypad, serves various functions across different applications and contexts. Here are some common and practical uses of the Num 0 hotkey:

  • Camera control in 3D software and games: in 3D modeling and rendering software, as well as some video games, Num 0 may reset the camera view to its default position. This is essential for reorienting the view in 3D environments or games with complex camera controls.
  • Inventory management in games: in certain video games, especially role-playing games (RPGs) and simulation games, Num 0 can be assigned to open or close the character’s inventory or backpack. This simplifies the management of in-game items and equipment.
  • Custom functions: in applications that allow you to customize keyboard shortcuts, the Num 0 key can be assigned to trigger specific actions or macros based on your preferences. This customization can improve workflow efficiency and automate repetitive tasks.
  • Zooming in and out: while the primary function of Num 0 is often to reset zoom, in combination with other keys (e.g., Num + and Num -), it can zoom in or out incrementally in specific applications.
  • Gaming shortcuts: in various video games, the Num 0 key can serve as a predefined shortcut for specific in-game functions, such as returning to the default camera view or accessing the game’s menu.
  • Keyboard accessibility: for individuals with disabilities, the Num 0 key can be configured as part of customized keyboard accessibility solutions to provide easier access to specific application functions or navigation.


Because efficiency reigns supreme in computing, the Num 0 hotkey shines as a versatile ally. It may appear modest, residing on the numeric keypad, but its utility spans a broad spectrum.

From simplifying game navigation, resetting web page views, and zooming in and out of pages, Num 0 offers convenience. Moreover, beyond its predefined roles, Num 0 is also your canvas for customization.

So, tailor it to your workflow, redefine its function, and script it for automation. Embrace its potential, and you’ll find that even the smallest key can significantly impact your experience in the world of computing.

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