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GeForce Experience and GeForce Now Keyboard Shortcuts

GeForce Experience and GeForce Now are two powerful tools from NVIDIA that allow users to optimize their gaming experience, stream games, and access a wide range of features. Both tools offer a variety of keyboard shortcuts that can help users navigate and control their gaming experience more efficiently.

The Difference Between GeForce Experience and GeForce Now

GeForce Experience and GeForce Now are two distinct software applications developed by NVIDIA, but they serve different purposes. GeForce Experience is a software suite that provides various features and optimizations for NVIDIA graphics card users, while GeForce Now is a cloud gaming service offered by NVIDIA. Although both applications may have some keyboard shortcuts in common, their primary functions and user interfaces differ significantly.

GeForce Experience is primarily designed to enhance the gaming experience for NVIDIA graphics card users. It offers automatic driver updates, game optimization settings, gameplay recording, and live streaming capabilities. While it does not have an extensive list of keyboard shortcuts, it does provide some shortcuts for specific functions within the application.

On the other hand, GeForce Now is a cloud gaming service that allows users to stream games from NVIDIA’s servers to their devices. It lets users play games on devices that may not have powerful hardware specifications by offloading the processing power to the cloud. 

Since GeForce Now focuses on game streaming rather than providing additional features like GeForce Experience, its keyboard shortcuts focus more on controlling the gameplay experience.

While there may be some overlap in keyboard shortcuts between the two applications, it is important to note that they are separate entities with different functionalities. The similarities or differences in their keyboard shortcuts depend on the specific actions and features available within each application.

Download GeForce Experience Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts Used in GeForce Experience

 Here are some of the most helpful keyboard shortcuts for the GeForce Experience 

1. General Shortcuts

  • Alt + Z: This shortcut opens the overlay UI, allowing users to access various features and settings within GeForce Experience.
  •  Alt + F1: Pressing this combination takes a screenshot of the current screen and saves it to the gallery.
  • Ctrl + Win + Alt + F1: This shortcut captures a screenshot of the entire desktop, including all open windows and applications.
  • Alt + F12: Toggling this combination on/off enables or disables the FPS (Frames Per Second) counter, which displays the current frame rate during gameplay.
  • Alt + F10: Users can save the last 5 minutes of recorded gameplay footage by pressing this combination. This feature is known as “ShadowPlay Highlights.”
  • Alt + F9: This shortcut allows users to toggle manual recording on/off and save the recorded footage.

2. Broadcasting Shortcuts

If you’re using GeForce Experience to broadcast your gameplay, several keyboard shortcuts can help you manage your stream and interact with your viewers. Here are the keyboard shortcuts:

  •  Alt + F8: Toggle broadcasting on/off – This shortcut lets you quickly turn your broadcast on or off. When you press Alt + F8, GeForce Experience will start or stop your broadcast, depending on the current state.
  • Alt + F7: Pause/resume broadcasting – If you need to pause your broadcast for any reason, you can use this shortcut. Pressing Alt + F7 will pause your broadcast, and pressing it again will resume.
  • Alt + F6: Toggle the camera on/off while broadcasting – If you want to turn off your camera while broadcasting, you can use this shortcut. Pressing Alt + F6 will toggle your camera on or off, depending on the current state.
  • Alt + F5: Toggle custom overlay on/off while broadcasting – Pressing Alt + F5 will toggle the custom overlay, depending on the current state.

These keyboard shortcuts can be very useful for streamers who want to quickly manage their broadcast and interact with their viewers. Using these shortcuts, you can keep your stream running smoothly and efficiently without navigating menus or settings.

Download GeForce Now Shortcuts PDF

Keyboard Shortcuts Used in GeForce Now

Here is a comprehensive list of the keyboard shortcuts commonly used in GeForce Now:

1. Ctrl + G: Toggle in-game overlay – This shortcut allows you to toggle the in-game overlay, which provides access to various features and settings within GeForce Now.

2. Ctrl + 1: Save a screenshot – Pressing this combination will save a screenshot of your current gameplay. The screenshot is typically saved in a designated folder on your computer.

3. Ctrl + ↑ / Shift + 0: Toggle instant replay on/off – This shortcut enables or disables the instant replay feature, which allows you to capture and review gameplay moments after they have occurred.

4. Ctrl + 0: Save last recorded minutes/seconds – When instant replay is enabled, pressing this combination saves the last recorded minutes or seconds of gameplay as a video file.

5. Ctrl + 9: Start/Stop recording – This shortcut initiates or stops your gameplay recording. The recorded video is typically saved in a specified location on your device.

6. Ctrl + M: Toggle microphone – Pressing this combination toggles the microphone on or off during gameplay. It lets you control whether your voice is transmitted to other players or recorded in videos.

7. Ctrl + Alt + F6 (When playing a game): Advanced gaming stats – This shortcut displays advanced gaming statistics while you are actively playing a game on GeForce Now. These stats provide detailed information about your performance, such as FPS (frames per second), latency, and more.

8. ⌥ Option + ⌘ Cmd + F6 (Mac, When playing a game): Advanced gaming stats – Mac users can use this shortcut to access advanced gaming statistics while playing a game on GeForce Now.


  • On a MacBook, you may need to press Fn + 6 for the F6 command.
  • When pressed, this shortcut provides users with real-time information about their streaming session, including various numbers representing different aspects of the streaming performance. These numbers are essential for understanding and troubleshooting any issues during gameplay. 

Download Meaning of Numbers in Stat PDF

Here is what the numbers mean in the stats:

First Line:

###fps – average frame rate, based on frame-to-frame present time

ft:###ms – average frame-to-frame receive time from server

fj:###ms – average frame-to-frame receive time jitter (negative = early, positive = late)

r:##mb – average streaming rate

bwu:##% – bandwidth utilization as percentage.

Second Line:

######## – ~frame number

rtd: ###ms – round trip delay from client to server

pl: ### – packet loss (note there may be more than one packet per video frame)

%cpu: ##.# – on mac, the percentage of 1 core the process uses.  (> 100% means using more than 1 core).  Should be similar to Activity Monitor on Mac.

Third Line:

b: ####ms – ‘begin’ time – the latency between receipt of packet to start of processing

d: ####ms – ‘decode’ time – the latency from beginning to decode completely

r: ####ms – ‘render’ time – the latency from decode complete to render complete

p:####ms – ‘present’ time – the latency from render complete to post-swap-buffers

t: ####ms – ‘total’ time – add up all of the above for total latency through the client.

Fourth Line:

wr: ###x### – window resolution

sr: ###x### – streaming resolution (may vary due to network quality)

sq: ### – ‘q score’ – or Quality score represents the overall streaming quality that the user is currently experiencing, where 100 is perfect and values near 0 are unplayable

e: #### – number of input events processed

Fifth Line:

gpu: ####### – type of GPU used on the server for this session

input: alt|sdl – alt: using direct input events from system, sdl: using input events from SDL library

Final Thoughts

Wrapping up, keyboard shortcuts are an essential part of using GeForce Experience and GeForce Now, providing quick and easy access to the software’s features and functionality. Using these keyboard shortcuts, you can streamline your gaming and computing experience and get the most out of these powerful tools.

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