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Gang Beasts (Xbox) Gamepad Controls

Gang Beasts is a hilariously chaotic multiplayer beat ’em-up game that has garnered a dedicated fan base since its release. In this game, players take control of colorful gelatinous characters and engage in physics-based brawls that are as unpredictable as they are entertaining. 

To truly enjoy Gang Beasts to its fullest, it’s crucial to master the gamepad controls. This post will delve into the specifics of controlling your character on the Xbox using the gamepad. Keep reading to learn more.

The Basics of Gang Beasts

Before diving into the controls, let’s quickly go over what Gang Beasts is all about. The game is known for its wacky, comical nature, where players must punch, kick, and throw their opponents off various environments, from skyscraper rooftops to meat grinders. 

Winning is often as much about survival as it is about skill, making the game incredibly accessible and fun for players of all ages.

However, the chaotic nature of Gang Beasts means that mastering gamepad controls is essential for success. Let’s explore the Xbox gamepad controls to help you become a formidable competitor in this zany world.

The basic controls for Gang Beasts on a gamepad (which includes various platforms like Xbox, PlayStation, and PC with gamepad support) are generally the same. Here are the basic controls for Gang Beasts on a gamepad.

Basic Controls of the Gang Beasts on Gamepad Controls

The controls for Gang Beasts on a gamepad are generally the same as with most other controllers. Here are the basic controls for Gang Beasts on a gamepad.

1. Character Movement

  • Left thumbstick: move your character in any direction
  • A button: make your character jump
  • B button: crouch

2. Attacking and Grabbing

  • X button: perform a basic punch
  • Y button: execute a more potent punch
  • RB (right bumper): grab opponents or objects. Once grabbed, you can use the thumbsticks to manipulate them

3. Throwing and Climbing

  • RT (right trigger): throw opponents or objects after grabbing them
  • LB + RB + A: use the left thumbstick to reach out and grab edges or ledges to climb them using this combination

4. Special Moves and Combos

  • A + X buttons: perform a dropkick on your opponent
  • A + X buttons: if you hold A while moving and then press X, you perform a sliding tackle
  • X + B buttons: holding X and then B while moving allows you to perform a powerslide
  • X + A buttons: pressing X and hen A repeatedly allows you to flip-kick your opponent

5. Interacting with the Environment

  • A button: interact with various objects in the game, such as doors or switches, by walking up to them and pressing A


Mastering the gamepad controls for Gang Beasts on Xbox is your ticket to becoming a formidable contender in this hilariously chaotic beat ’em up game. We’ve explored the basics of character movement, attacking, grabbing, throwing, climbing, and even special moves and combos. 

These seemingly simple controls form the foundation of your success in the game’s unpredictable battles. As you practice and become more proficient with these controls, you’ll discover new strategies, engage in epic showdowns, and, most importantly, have a blast. 

So, grab your controller, jump into the gelatinous fray, and let the chaotic fun begin.

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