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What does the Fn + W Shortcut on Laptops?

In today’s digital age, laptop keyboards have become integral to our daily lives. These compact input devices are often teeming with a myriad of functions and features, many of which are accessible through keyboard shortcuts. 

Among these shortcuts, one combination stands out as particularly enigmatic—the Fn + W keyboard shortcut. This shortcut doesn’t have a standardized function across all laptops or systems but can perform various actions, such as adjusting screen brightness, controlling volume, and toggling Wi-Fi when combined with other keys.

This article will delve deep into the realm of keyboard shortcuts to uncover the true purpose and functionality of the mysterious Fn + W combination. Keep reading to learn more. 

Programs Using the  Fn + W Keyboard Shortcut

ProgramFn + W Keyboard Shortcut Function
Ducky One 2 Minimoves cursor up
RK61toggles Bluetooth devices
GMMKturns the keyboard’s LED backlight up and down
Geek GK61opens the macro settings
Razer Huntsman Miniturns the volume up
E_Yoosoo Z11up
AKKO 3068Toggles WASD with arrow keys
Drop CTRLincreases LED brightness
Durgod Hades 68up
Drevo Calibur pairs keyboard on Bluetooth

Functions of the Fn + W Keyboard Shortcut

The functions of the Fn + W keyboard shortcut, also known as the wireless or connectivity key, can vary depending on the laptop’s brand and model. Here are some common functions associated with Fn + W.

  1. Wireless Connectivity Toggle

On many laptops, pressing Fn + W can toggle the wireless connectivity on and off. This includes both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections. It’s a quick way to conserve battery life or disconnect from a network when needed.

  1. Airplane Mode

Some laptops use Fn + W to activate airplane mode, which turns off all wireless radios, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular connections. This is a useful feature for air travel to comply with regulations.

  1. Network Switching

This shortcut can be used on particular laptops to switch between different wireless networks or network profiles. It may open a menu that allows you to select a preferred network.

  1. Wireless Status Indicator

Fn + W might be used to display the status of your wireless connections. This could show you whether Wi-Fi or Bluetooth is turned on or off.

  1. Customizable Function

Some laptops allow users to customize the function of Fn + W through software or settings. You can assign it to perform different tasks like launching specific applications or adjusting screen brightness.

  1. No Function

Sometimes, the Fn + W combination might not have a specific function on certain laptop models. It’s always a good idea to consult your laptop’s user manual or support resources to determine the exact purpose of this shortcut on your specific device.

Factors to Consider Before Using the Fn + W Keyboard Shortcut

Before using the Fn + W keyboard shortcut or any keyboard shortcut on your laptop, several factors should be considered to ensure you use it effectively and avoid unintended consequences:

  • Purpose of the shortcut: understand what the Fn + W shortcut is designed to do on your specific laptop. It may enable or disable wireless connections, toggle airplane mode, or perform another function. Knowing its purpose is essential for making informed decisions.
  • Wireless connectivity needs: consider your wireless connectivity requirements. If you frequently need Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connections, ensure you don’t accidentally disable them when using Fn + W. Conversely, if you want to save battery life or disconnect from networks, ensure the shortcut serves this purpose.
  • Impact on active tasks: consider whether disabling wireless connectivity disrupts ongoing tasks, such as downloads, streaming, or video calls. Save your work or pause any critical activities before using the shortcut.
  • Customization options: check whether your laptop allows customization of Fn + W. Some laptops enable users to change the function of this shortcut to suit their preferences. Explore customization options if available.
  • Alternative methods: Sometimes, the same functions can be accessed through software or system settings. Explore these options to accomplish the same tasks without using the Fn + W shortcut.


In the realm of laptop computing, while multifaceted, the Fn + W keyboard shortcut underscores the significance of efficient keyboard functionality. Its precise function varies depending on your laptop’s brand and model, with roles such as toggling wireless connectivity or activating airplane mode.

To employ Fn + W effectively, consider your connectivity needs and the impact on ongoing tasks. Refer to your laptop’s user manual for clarity on its specific function, and explore customization options or alternative methods for similar tasks.

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, we can anticipate more user-friendly shortcuts and customization features to enhance our computing experience further. Ultimately, understanding and thoughtfully applying the Fn + W shortcut can amplify productivity and convenience in laptop use.


What does the Fn + W keyboard shortcut do on my laptop?

The function of Fn + W can vary depending on your laptop’s brand and model. Common functions include toggling wireless connectivity (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth), activating airplane mode, or serving other wireless-related purposes. To determine its specific function on your laptop, consult your user manual or documentation.

How can I customize the Fn + W shortcut on my laptop?

Some laptops allow users to customize keyboard shortcuts, including Fn + W, through software or settings. Explore your laptop’s customization options in the system settings or control panel to modify the function of this shortcut.

Are there any potential consequences to using the Fn + W keyboard shortcut?

Disabling wireless connectivity with Fn + W can affect ongoing tasks such as downloads, streaming, or video calls. Considering the impact on your activities and saving your work before using this shortcut is essential.

Can I use Fn + W to save battery life on my laptop?

Turning off wireless connections using Fn + W can extend your laptop’s battery life. However, be mindful of the trade-off between power savings and staying connected. Use this shortcut strategically to manage your battery life.

What if I accidentally press Fn + W and don’t know its function on my laptop?

If you’re uncertain about the function of Fn + W on your laptop, consult your user manual, documentation, or the laptop manufacturer’s website. You can also test the shortcut safely to observe its effect.

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