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Do Razer Keyboards Work on Mac?

Razer is a well-known brand in the gaming community for its high-quality gaming peripherals.

Moreover, the brand’s keyboards are particularly popular among gamers and computer enthusiasts for their customization options, durability, and high-performance features.

However, if you’re a Mac user, you might wonder if Razer keyboards are compatible with your machine.

This post will explore the compatibility of Razer keyboards with Mac and discuss the advantages and limitations of using them on a Mac computer.

Do Razer Keyboards Work on Mac?

Compatibility of Razer Keyboards With Macs

Razer produces a wide range of gaming keyboards, many of which are designed to be compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems. However, not all Razer keyboards are compatible with Mac. Therefore, it is important to check the product’s specifications and system requirements before purchasing a Razer keyboard to ensure it will work with your Mac.

To use a Razer keyboard on a Mac, simply plug it into a USB port on your machine, and it should be recognized automatically. You might also be required to install additional software or drivers with some Razer keyboards for them to work with your Mac, but the manufacturer should provide this information.

You should also note that Razer offers Synapse software, which allows you to customize your keyboard settings and programming. It’s available for Mac and Windows, which means you can take advantage of its features if you’re a Mac user. While not all Razer keyboards are compatible with Mac, many are, and using one with a Mac is generally straightforward.

Customization of Razer Keyboards on Mac

Razer keyboards typically use their proprietary mechanical switches, known as Razer Green, Razer Orange, and Razer Yellow switches. They are designed to provide tactile feedback, a smooth keystroke, and a durable build, making them ideal for gaming and other high-performance tasks.

They may also feature Cherry MX switches, a popular mechanical switch brand known for reliability and responsiveness. Giving you more leeway to customize your keyboard to best suit you depending on your model and intended use.

Furthermore, Razer’s software, Razer Synapse, manages and customizes the brand’s peripherals. It allows you to customize various aspects of your Razer keyboard, including the lighting, key bindings, and performance settings.

Additionally, the Razer Synapse also enables you to create custom lighting profiles, assign macros to specific keys, and adjust the sensitivity and response time of the keyboard.

To use the Razer Synapse on your Mac, download the software from the Razer website and install it. Once installed, connect your Razer keyboard to your Mac and launch Razer Synapse to customize the keyboard. The software features a user-friendly interface with easy-to-use menus and options, which are not challenging to navigate.

Overall, Razer Synapse provides a high degree of customization for Razer keyboards on Macs, allowing you to tailor your keyboard to your specific needs and preferences.

How to troubleshoot a Connection Issue With Your Razer Keyboard

If you’re experiencing connection issues with your Razer keyboard and Mac, here are some troubleshooting steps you can follow

1. Check the connection

Ensure your Razer keyboard is properly connected to your Mac via USB or Bluetooth. If using USB, try a different port or cable. If using Bluetooth, ensure the keyboard is in pairing mode and try connecting again.

2. Check the battery

If you’re using a wireless Razer keyboard, ensure the battery is charged or replace it with new batteries.

3. Update drivers and software

Ensure that your Razer Synapse software and Mac OS are up to date, as outdated software and drivers can cause connection issues.

4. Restart your Mac

Sometimes, simply restarting your Mac can resolve connection issues with your Razer keyboard.

5. Reset your keyboard

Try resetting your Razer keyboard by unplugging it and holding down the Escape key while plugging it back in. This will reset the keyboard and may resolve any connectivity issues.

6. Contact customer support

If none of the above troubleshooting steps work, contact Razer customer support for further assistance.

Advantages of Razer Keyboards

Razer keyboards offer several advantages, making them popular among gamers and computer enthusiasts.

1. Customizable RGB Lighting

Razer keyboards are known for their vibrant, customizable RGB lighting, which can be adjusted using Razer Synapse. You can choose from a wide range of colors and lighting effects to create a personalized look for your keyboard.

2. High-quality Construction

Razer keyboards are built with high-quality materials and feature durable mechanical switches designed to withstand heavy use. This makes them ideal if you’re a gamer or require a reliable, sturdy keyboard.

3. Responsive Mechanical Switches

Razer keyboards use mechanical switches that offer tactile feedback and a smooth keystroke that provides a satisfying typing experience. Additionally, the switches are designed to be highly responsive, making them ideal for gaming and other high-performance tasks.

4. Customizable Macros and Key Bindings

You can customize Razer keyboards using Razer Synapse, which allows you to create custom macros and key bindings. This is useful if you’re a gamer who wants to assign specific commands to certain keys or when you want to streamline your workflow.

5. Ergonomic Design

Many Razer keyboards feature an ergonomic design that provides a comfortable typing experience. This is beneficial if you spend long periods typing or gaming.

Disadvantages of Razer Keyboards

While Razer keyboards offer many advantages, they also have a few disadvantages that you should consider.

1. Price

Razer keyboards can be more expensive than other keyboard brands, particularly if they feature advanced customization options or specialized switches.

2. Compatibility

They may not be fully compatible with all operating systems, including older macOS versions. Therefore, you should ensure your keyboard is compatible with your Mac before purchasing.

3. Noise

Razer mechanical switches can be noisy, particularly the Razer Green switches, which have an audible clicking sound. This may distract the people around you, particularly in shared workspaces.

4. Limited Switch Options

While Razer offers a few different types of mechanical switches, they may not be suitable for all. You may prefer the feel of some other brands of switches the keyboard does not support.

5. Limited Keyboard Layout Options

Razer keyboards are primarily designed for gaming and may not offer all the keys and an optimized layout option you may require for productivity or other tasks.


If you’re a Mac user who is passionate about gaming or wants a high-quality keyboard, a Razer keyboard might be a perfect choice. The keyboard’s responsive mechanical switches, customizable RGB lighting, and ergonomic design offer an unparalleled typing experience that is impressive.

Sure, Razer keyboards may be a bit pricier than other keyboards, and the noise from the mechanical switches might be distracting to some, but the advanced customization options and stylish design more than makeup for it. So if you want to take your Mac setup to the next level, consider a Razer keyboard and get ready to experience the ultimate gaming and typing experience.


Are Razer keyboards compatible with Mac computers?

Most Razer keyboards are compatible with Mac computers, but users should check the system requirements before purchasing a keyboard.

Can I customize my Razer keyboard on my Mac?

You can customize your Razer keyboard on your Mac using the Razer Synapse software. Moreover, the Razer Synapse is available for Mac and Windows machines.

Do Razer keyboards have Mac-specific keys?

Most Razer keyboards do not have Mac-specific keys, but you can remap keys using the Razer Synapse software.

Are Razer keyboards good for gaming on Mac?

Razer keyboards are designed with gamers in mind and offer features such as customizable RGB lighting, responsive mechanical switches, and programmable macros that are ideal for gaming on Mac.

How do I set up macros on my Razer keyboard on my Mac?

You can set up macros on your Razer keyboard using the Razer Synapse software. Open the software, select the keyboard you want to customize, and click on the Macros tab to create, edit, and assign macros to your keyboard.

Do Razer keyboards work with older Mac operating systems?

While most Razer keyboards are compatible with newer Mac operating systems, they may not work with older versions of Mac OS. Be sure to check the system requirements before purchasing a keyboard.

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