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Ctrl + Shift + K Shortcut Functions in Different Programs

Keyboard shortcuts are like secret codes that can unlock a world of possibilities on your computer. Among these hidden gems is Ctrl + Shift + K, a combination that wields remarkable power. 

When you press Ctrl + Shift + K, it triggers specific actions, depending on the software or context you’re in. It’s a shortcut that can simplify tasks, boost effectiveness, and save time. 

This post will dive into what Ctrl + Shift + K is and what it does across various applications and platforms. Whether you’re a casual user or a tech pro, this handy shortcut is worth adding to your toolkit. Let’s jump right in and uncover the potential of Ctrl + Shift + K.

Programs Using the Ctrl + Shift + K keyboard shortcut

Here are some applications that use this keyboard shortcut. 

Program Ctrl + Shift + K Keyboard Shortcut Function
Firefoxopens the web console
Operamoves cued messages to the server
Mozilla Thunderbirdfilters messages
Roll20 shifts selected items into the GM layer
Skypeinitiates a video call 
Microsoft Word 2019formats capital letters in the highlighted text into small caps
Visual Studio Coderemoves highlighted line
Figmainputs an image
Notepadblocks comment
Adobe Premiere Proreplicates edits to all tracks
Adobe Acrobat Readerorganizes open documents in horizontal tiles
Adobe After Effects 2021toggles lower and upper case in the selected text
Adobe Bridge CCselects the color editing menu
Adobe Captivate 2019inputs a click box
Adobe Illustratorselects the color editing menu
Adobe InDesign 2020turns all characters into uppercase
Ace Editorundoes an action
geditdelete highlight
Nuance Power PDForganizes open documents in horizontal tiles
Sublime Textdeletes line
Kompozer remove link
White Monkeydelete line
CorelDRAW 2020toggles small caps
Harmony 20unlocks selected section
Unreal Engine 5.0moves, rotates, and scales n actor in increments
SQL Server Management Studiomoves folders
Atomremoves highlighted line
Eclipsefinds the occurrence of the search item
NetBeansfinds the previous word match
SAP ABAPfinds the previous word match
Winamptoggles customization plugin on and off
Age of Empires ivselects all units
Jagged Alliance 2holster sidearm
Google Chatfocuses on the current sidebar
Tumblr insert link
Slackopens the direct messages window
Cisco Jabberswitches the numeric keyboard
Gittershows keyboard shortcuts
Pushbulletgets rid of the recent notifications
draw.ioplaces an ellipse
Mutt 2.2.10extracts public keys supported by the application
GeoGebratoggles CAS view
Vectorworks 2020opens the Working Panels option in the Palettes menu
Google Lockeropens search bar
KiCad 5.0.2marks keep out area

Uses of the Ctrl + Shift + K Shortcut

Below are some common uses of this shortcut:

  • Web browsers: Ctrl + Shift + K opens the browser Developer Tools, allowing web developers to inspect and debug web pages, view JavaScript console messages, and analyze network activity.
  • Text editors: applies strikethrough formatting to selected text. Strikethrough is commonly used to indicate deleted or revised content.
  • Software development: you can use Ctrl + Shift + K in some coding environments to commit code changes to version control systems like Git. This streamlines the software development process, making tracking and managing code changes easier.


We’ve explored the diverse applications of the versatile Ctrl + Shift + K shortcut, witnessing its power to simplify tasks, enhance productivity, and streamline various processes. Whether you’re a web surfer, a document creator, or a software developer, integrating Ctrl + Shift + K into your workflow can significantly improve your efficiency. 

However, it’s important to remember that the specific actions associated with this shortcut may vary based on the software you’re using, so exploring its functionality within your preferred applications is critical to harnessing its full potential. 

Furthermore, we encourage you to embrace the power of keyboard shortcuts, as these little-known gems can unlock new levels of productivity and make your digital tasks more effortless.

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