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Ctrl + F4: Your Key to Swift Window and Tab Management

In the world of digital interactions, keyboard shortcuts are like hidden treasures, offering convenient ways to perform actions quickly. While most are familiar with everyday shortcuts like Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V, lesser-known gems such as Ctrl + F4 are waiting to be discovered. 

Ctrl + F4 is primarily used to close the currently active window or tab in many Windows applications. This post takes a deep dive into the Ctrl + F4 keyboard shortcut, unraveling its significance across diverse operating systems and applications. Keep reading to learn more.

Programs That Use the Ctrl + F4 Keyboard Shortcut

Program Ctrl + F4 Keyboard Shortcut Function
Google Chromecloses the currently active window or tab
Mozilla Firefoxcloses the currently active window or tab
Microsoft Edgecloses the currently active window or tab
Nuance Power PDFcloses document
Vivaldicloses the currently active window or tab
Microsoft Word 2019closes the open document
Notepad 2closes the open document
REAPERends the presently active project
MetaTrader 5closes the chat window
Cakewalk by Bandlabcloses the open project
Eplan Platform 2.9closes the graphic editor interface
Maplecloses the open worksheet
Finereader 15closes the open page
Altium Designercloses the open document
FL Studio 20opens the next empty pattern
Microsoft Excelcloses window
Bravecloses open window
DODBoxupdates cache information on the mounted drive
Operacloses open window
FocusWriter closes document
Wordperfect X8closes document
Scrivener 1.9.9closes document
Tomboy 0.23closes note window
PSPadcloses document
CorelDRAW closes open window
Substance Paintercloses open project
Inkscapeclose open window
ACDseeclose the open item
DraftSight 2019leaves the current drawing
Visual Code Studiocloses window
Unreal Enginecloses window
Roblox Studiocloses window
Sublime Text closes open file
Spyder 4.1.5closes document
Naviswork Freedom 2020toggles the Autodesk Rendering window
KDE Plasma Desktopswitches view to desktop 4
VMware Workstation 5.0closes the selected machine’s summary console
Royal TScloses open document
SecureCRT 8.7closes open document
NewsBin Procloses open window
ComodoIseDragon closes open tab
yED 3.19Closes app
Rhino 6Sets the maximum view perspective

Tips to Effectively Use the Ctrl + F4 Keyboard Shortcut

Here are some tips to help you make the most of this shortcut:

  1. Know When to Use It

Use Ctrl + F4 to close the currently active window or tab without reaching for the mouse.

  1. Check the Active Window

Before pressing Ctrl + F4, ensure that the window or tab you want to close is the active one. Click on it to make sure it’s in focus.

  1. Combine with Other Shortcuts

Experiment with combining Ctrl + F4 with other keyboard shortcuts to streamline your workflow further. For instance, you can use Ctrl + F4 to close a tab and then Ctrl + T (or Ctrl + N) to open a new one in a web browser.

  1. Stay Organized

Regularly use Ctrl + F4 to close windows or tabs you’ve finished with or no longer need. This helps keep your workspace organized and clutter-free.

  1. Be Cautious

Be mindful when using Ctrl + F4, especially if you have unsaved work in the active window or tab. Closing it with Ctrl + F4 may result in data loss if changes haven’t been saved.

  1. Check for Customization

Some applications allow you to customize keyboard shortcuts, including Ctrl + F4. Check the software’s settings or preferences to see if you can modify or assign different actions to this shortcut.

  1. Learn Alternative Shortcuts

While Ctrl + F4 is common, there may be alternative shortcuts in some applications or operating systems for closing windows or tabs. Explore these alternatives to find the most efficient method for your tasks.

  1. Practice and Memorize

Like any keyboard shortcut, Ctrl + F4 becomes more effective with practice. The more you use it, the faster and more intuitive it becomes, saving you time in the long run.


The Ctrl + F4 keyboard shortcut, a seemingly unassuming combination of keys, holds the power to simplify and expedite our digital interactions. By employing Ctrl + F4 judiciously, you can effortlessly close active windows or tabs, ensuring a clutter-free workspace and efficient multitasking.

Remember to exercise caution, especially when unsaved work is at stake, and explore customization options to tailor the shortcut to your preferences. By integrating this and other shortcuts into your daily routine, you’ll find yourself navigating the digital landscape with ease and finesse, making your computing journey all the more rewarding.

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