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Bloxburg build mode (PC) game hotkeys

In the PC version of the game Bloxburg, there are several hotkeys that can be used in build mode to enhance the building experience and streamline the process. These hotkeys provide shortcuts for various actions and commands, allowing players to navigate through the build mode more efficiently. Here is a comprehensive list of hotkeys commonly used in Bloxburg build mode on PC:

What is Bloxburg build mode?

The Bloxburg Build Mode is a feature in the Roblox game “Bloxburg” that allows players to create and customize their own virtual worlds. In this mode, players can build structures, terrain, and other elements using a variety of materials and tools. The Build Mode is a key aspect of the game and offers a wide range of creative possibilities for players.

Bloxburg Build Mode is a powerful tool that allows players to create and customize their own virtual worlds. With its intuitive interface and wide range of materials and tools, the Build Mode offers endless possibilities for creativity and exploration. Whether players are looking to build a simple home or a complex castle, the Build Mode has everything they need to bring their ideas to life.

Hotkeys used in Bloxburg build mode (PC)

 Here are some of the most useful keyboard shortcuts for Bloxburg build mode (PC).

1. Q and E:

The Q and E keys serve as shortcuts for rotating objects in build mode. When an object is selected, pressing the Q key will rotate it counterclockwise, while pressing the E key will rotate it clockwise. This feature is extremely useful for quickly adjusting the orientation of objects without having to manually click and drag them.

The Q and E hotkeys in Bloxburg’s build mode provide a convenient way for players to rotate objects with ease.

2. W, A, S, and D:

The WASD keys are typically associated with movement in many video games, and Bloxburg is no exception. In build mode, players can use these keys to move their character around the building area. Pressing the “W” key moves the character forward while pressing “A” makes them move left. Similarly, pressing “S” moves the character backward, and pressing “D” moves them to the right.

In addition to movement, these keys also allow players to pan the camera view in build mode. By holding down the right mouse button and using the WASD keys simultaneously, players can adjust their perspective and explore different angles while building. This feature is particularly useful when working on larger structures or trying to get a better view of specific areas.

3. I and O:

When players are in build mode in Bloxburg, they can use the “I” key to zoom in on their creation. This can be particularly useful when working on intricate details or when trying to get a closer look at specific parts of the build. By pressing the “I” key repeatedly, players can continue to zoom in further and further, allowing for a more detailed view of their creation.

Conversely, the “O” key is used to zoom out in build mode. This hotkey is handy when players want to get a broader view of their entire build or need to see how different elements fit together from a distance. Similar to zooming in, pressing the “O” key multiple times will continue to zoom out until reaching the maximum zoom level.

4. F:

When in build mode in Bloxburg, players can select various items such as walls, floors, furniture, and decorations to place in their houses. To customize the appearance of these items, players can use the paint tool. Instead of manually selecting the paint tool from the menu each time they want to change an item’s color, players can simply press the “F” key to activate it.

5. Shift + left mouse click:

To make the painting process more efficient, Bloxburg introduced the “shift + left mouse click” shortcut. This shortcut allows players to select multiple items at once and apply the same color or texture to all of them simultaneously. By holding down the shift key on their keyboard and clicking on an item with the left mouse button, players can add it to their selection. They can then release the shift key and proceed to paint all the selected items by clicking on one of them with the desired color or texture.

6. R:

When you are in build mode and have an item selected, pressing the “R” key will rotate the item by 90 degrees clockwise. This can be useful when you want to change the orientation of an object or adjust its placement within your build.

7. G:

By pressing the “G” key while in build mode, players can select and sell items that they no longer want or need. This action allows them to regain some of the in-game currency (known as “money” or “Bucks”) that they spent on purchasing those items initially. Selling unwanted items not only helps players declutter their builds but also provides them with additional funds for further customization or purchasing new items.

8. Ctrl + Z

When players make a mistake or want to revert a change they have made, the Ctrl + Z shortcut comes in handy. By pressing these keys simultaneously, players can undo their most recent action and restore the previous state of their build. This feature is particularly useful when experimenting with different designs or making accidental modifications.

9. Ctrl + Y:

The redo function is a useful tool that allows players to reverse any previous undo actions they have made while building in Bloxburg. When a player uses the undo function (Ctrl + Z) to revert a change they made, they can then use the redo function (Ctrl + Y) to bring back that change if they decide they want it back.

10. Space:

To activate the top-down view in Bloxburg’s build mode, players can press and hold the “Space” key on their keyboard. By doing so, the camera perspective will shift to a bird’s-eye view, allowing for a better overview of the building area. This view is especially helpful when working on larger structures or when trying to align objects precisely.

11. H:

In Bloxburg, the “H” key is used as a hotkey to toggle the building grid in build mode. This feature allows players to turn the grid on or off, giving them more freedom when building their dream homes or structures. This can be useful for creating curved or irregularly shaped structures or for placing blocks in hard-to-reach areas.

On the other hand, turning the grid on can help players align their blocks more precisely and create structures with a more uniform look. The grid can also be useful for measuring the size and shape of a structure, as well as for ensuring that it is properly aligned with other blocks and structures in the game world.

12. Page Up / Down:

When using the Page Up key, players can elevate their view and position themselves on a higher floor. This is particularly useful when constructing multi-story buildings or when wanting to access upper levels of an existing structure. On the other hand, pressing the Page Down key will lower the player’s view and position them on a lower floor.

13. C:

One of the commonly used hotkeys in Bloxburg’s build mode is the “C” key, which stands for “Copy object.” This hotkey allows players to duplicate an object or structure they have already placed in their build. By selecting an object and pressing the “C” key, players can create an exact copy of that object. This feature is particularly useful when players want to replicate a specific design element or create symmetrical structures without having to manually place each individual object.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Bloxburg build mode provides a wide range of hotkeys that can be used to enhance the building experience. These hotkeys include navigation hotkeys, building hotkeys, tool hotkeys, and camera hotkeys, among others.By using these hotkeys, players can streamline their building process, reduce tedious tasks, and create more elaborate and detailed builds.

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