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9 Best 60% Gaming Keyboards in 2023

When 60% keyboards were first designed, programmers and mechanical keyboard enthusiasts wouldn’t stop raving about them.

Over time, streamers and gamers have started buying into the hype, and now many electrical appliance manufacturers are flooding the market with different designs.

Unfortunately, the influx of options makes it harder to choose and easier to settle on a subpar keyboard.

For a seamless gaming experience, it’s imperative to have enough desk space to move your mouse around and accommodate your PC and any other gaming paraphernalia.

However, the earlier factors can be tricky if you use a normal-sized keyboard as they take up lots of the already limited space.

This article contains numerous gaming keyboards that we consider worth purchasing. But the best gaming keyboard boils down to your preference and budget. Therefore, we considered dynamic variables and preferences and developed a fairly extensive list.

Essential Things To Look For in a 60% Gaming Keyboard

As stated earlier, the market has many options to choose from when it comes to gaming keyboards. Therefore, it’s essential to have a list of exactly what you want and why. This way, it’s easier to narrow your search.

Things you should take into consideration include but are not limited to:

Switches and Feel

Switches are the springs under the keyboard’s keys. They play a significant role in how fast your keyboard response is and the general user experience of the keyboard. Several brands are considered to produce the best switches, namely (but not limited to) Cherry MX, Outemu, Gateron, etc.

However, there are smaller and less-known brands that manufacture pretty decent switches.

So, it all boils down to what you feel comfortable using. Also, it’s imperative to note that the classier and more comfortable the switches are, the more money the keyboard will cost.


All 60% Gaming keyboards connect to your PC/laptop through a USB cable, Bluetooth, or 2.4 GHz dongle. While both options are great, they have different advantages and disadvantages.

Wired keyboards often come with a detachable USB-C cable. This makes it easier to carry it around for travel or find a replacement when you want a change.

One of the best marketing points for such keyboards is their faster response rate compared to their wireless counterpart—the discrepancy significantly impacts professional gamers.

Contrary to popular opinion, the USB cable hardly detaches from its respective ports. As an extra control measure, keyboard manufacturers usually include a propriety lock system on the cable casing to ensure that it doesn’t bulge even in extreme situations.


Considering the main point of having a 60% Gaming keyboard is to save up on space, it makes more sense to go for a wireless option. They are great for travelers and minimalistic design enthusiasts as they tend to be portable and feature a sleek design. 

Wireless keyboards are designed to connect to your PC either by Bluetooth or 2.4GHZ. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, this category of keyboards is relatively hard to come by, leaving you with few options to choose from, which is a bummer.

Also, they tend to be more expensive than wired ones with the same features.


Most gamers put a lot of thought into the appearance of their gaming setup. If you are one of these people, then ensure you choose a keyboard that appeals to your design preference and blends well with the rest of the appliances.

Luckily, most keyboard manufacturers make models in several colors to cater to a broader demographic. Some even come fitted with LED lights for an extra pop of color. So, if you invest in a keyboard, it’s only fitting for you to go with the one you won’t regret.


There are a lot of keyboard manufacturers in the market. To stand out, every designer tries to come up with ways of making their keyboard as appealing to their target audience as possible.

Therefore, you can find a keyboard for literally whatever budget you have, as most of them range from $6 to as much as $400.

Please consider that just because the keyboard is cheap doesn’t mean it won’t be as functional as the more expensive models.

Additionally, the pricier models tend to be more responsive and user-friendly than the cheaper ones, Though some are downright overpriced. Therefore, extensive research is essential to find one that ticks all your boxes.


Keyboard manufacturers tend to release products that could last years on end. So the purchase still can be defective—sellers who accept returns and offer a lengthy warranty.

Best 60% Keyboards in the Market

The mechanical keyboard community has advanced tremendously, just like other appliances. Thankfully, many modern 60% keyboards are designed with modern touches in the market. However, you also have many options if you prefer the ones with a more traditional feel.

In this article, I have combined a list of all the 60% Gaming keyboard fan favorites that are worth the hype and a few of the underrated ones. 

1. Ducky One 2 Mini

If you are an avid gamer or are in the market for a 60% keyboard, then there is no doubt that you have come across or heard about the Ducky one 2 minis a few times. In addition, a decent number of professional gamers swear by this keyboard for its high-end features and customization options.

Ducky One 2 Mini weighs about 590 grams and comes in a sleek and stylish look. Unlike its predecessors, it’s designed with a metal casing that makes it more rigid and durable. It connects to the PC via a detachable USB Type-C to type-A cable.

As for the keyboard, it’s fitted with quality Cherry MX switches in the colors blue, red, brown, black, or red. Thanks to its switches, you won’t have to worry about noise when typing or wobbly keys while gaming. Also, in the packaging, you will find free unique keycaps in different colors and designs and a keypad puller to make it easier for you to swap keys.

In a build-to-serve quality, all its keycaps are full PBT double shots. This means the keys won’t start getting the tacky shine that poorer-quality keycaps get after being used for a long time.

Pros of The Ducky One 2 mini

  • High-quality and durable PBT caps
  • Sleek and stylish yet rigid hardware
  • Comes fitted with Cherry MX switches
  • It doesn’t require additional software
  • Highly customizable

Cons of The Ducky One 2 mini

  • Its comparatively pricey
  • It has poor desktop grip depending on what you place it on
  • It doesn’t have key mapping functionality through software

2. Razor Huntsman Mini

The razor huntsman mini is arguably one of the best 60% keyboards in the market because it is jam-packed with almost all the features a gamer needs.

The only noteworthy drawbacks are that it comes in only two colors, white and black. Also, its hardware is mostly plastic making it appear cheap despite being more on the pricier side. However, if you can look past those two issues, this might be your keyboard.

Despite its small frame, the Razor huntsman mini has several noteworthy features. First off, it connects to your PC via a detachable USB-C cable, so you know it’s ideal for professional gamers. Its keycaps are double PBT and have a thin font that makes the letters appear more pronounced.

Its key switches come in two variations; purple or red optical optic switches that make gaming more enjoyable. If you don’t mind adding $20, you will have access to Razor’s new analog optical switches that feature multiple commands in every keyboard button. For context, the keyboard will judge the action you want to take by measuring how far you pressed the key.

The razor huntsman internal memory allows you to have up to five different profiles making it very convenient for those who share a setup. Also, you can easily customize RGB lighting effects, key placement, etc.

Pros of The Razor Huntsman mini

  • Allows software customization via synapse
  • It comes with quality PBT caps that have side-printed legends
  • It appears very stylish and expensive
  • Its analog key switches offer you more control

Cons of The Razor Huntsman mini

  • It’s expensive
  • The key caps are relatively loud
  • Its Synapse software is quite hard to use, especially for beginners

3. Anne Pro 2

This list wouldn’t be justifiable if it didn’t feature the Anne pro two mechanical keyboard. First off, it’s pretty easy on the eyes and has a sturdy build that gives it a luxurious feel. You will find various accessories in the packaging, such as a keycap puller, a USB-C detachable, and a few colored keycaps.

While making a purchase, you can choose the switch types. Your options include Gateron, Kailh, or Cherry. Considering all the switch options have a different feel and noise level, try and make a conscious choice.

Speaking of options, this keyboard supports both wired and wireless connections. Additionally, you can connect to at least four separate devices/screens at once without any problem. The only downside is that users have reported that the wireless version keeps lagging, making it unreliable.

This keyboard has outstanding software that allows you to customize certain keyboard features such as keyboard mapping or layers. This is one of the reasons why the Anne pro 2 is convenient for gamers.

Pros of The Anne Pro 2

  • It has a wireless connectivity option
  • Variety of great switch options to choose from
  • Good quality and sleek hardware
  • Customizable software option

Cons of The Anne Pro

  • Wireless connectivity is poor and keeps disconnecting
  • It has a relatively small battery capacity

4. Hyper X Alloy Origins 65

When Hyper X alloy origins were first released, consumers could only access its various switches and built-in gaming features in either TLK or full-size variants. However, this new keyboard has both options, making it their best release.

This keyboard’s thoughtful design hardware features high-quality plastic enforced with an aluminum-grade frame. Additionally, the designers used the company’s linear mechanical switches topped with PBT keycaps with 45 g actuation force, making them extremely sensitive to touch.

Hyper X alloy origins 65 is fitted with RGB lighting for an extra pop of color and an adjustable foot that boost three levels of inclination. As for the software, the designers went with the NGenuity as it’s dimmed and user-friendly.

As if the keyboard wasn’t already great, it has a large memory that allows you to save up to 3 profiles. 

Pros of Hyper X Alloy Origins 65

  • Quite affordable for its quality
  • Silent hyper x key switches
  • Comes fitted with NGenuity software that’s user-friendly for customization
  • Has RGB lighting

Cons of Hyper X Allloy Origins 65

  • Its software is only accessible to android users
  • Has a relatively low memory

5. Corsair K65 RGB Mini Gaming Keyboard

Corsair successfully shrieked its best-selling keyboard and made it one of the best in the market. It features a signature sleek yet durable design and relatively bright RGB lights to boost. One of its best marketing points is the iCUE software integration which is easy to use and allows many customizable options.

When purchasing, you can choose Cherry MX key switches in one of the following options; red, brown, blue, silent black, or speed. Also, if your budget allows you to add a few extra bucks, you can opt to purchase as many custom-colored keycap sets as you want.

Just like other keyboards on this list, this one comes fitted with Doubleshot PBT caps that are known to last a lifetime without getting shiny at the top from wear. All in all, this is a very affordable yet expensive-looking keyboard that doesn’t compromise on quality.

Pros of The Corsair k65 Keyboard

  • Allows you to create up to 50 onboard profiles
  • It comes in a practical and luxurious design
  • Has durable PBT caps
  • It’s affordable for its quality

Cons of The Corsair K65 Keyboard

  • It has an 8000Hz polling rate that isn’t viable
  • Its height isn’t adjustable

6. Asus ROG Falchion wireless gaming keyboard

Though a bit pricier, The Asus ROG gaming keyboard is a great choice; first off, its designers put a lot of attention to detail. This is judging from its touch-based volume slider or its battery indicator placement.

Its battery is arguably one of its best-selling points as it is big enough to last you up to 450 hours, that is, if the RGB lighting is off. This makes it a great choice, especially for people always traveling. Additionally, it comes with an opaque cover to protect it from wear or damage during travel.

This keyboard is designed to be predominantly wireless, and it connects to your PC via a 2.4GHz USB dongle. However, unlike most wireless keyboards, this one has excellent connectivity that doesn’t lag and is highly responsive, making it ideal for professional gaming.

Finally, its keyboard features Cherry MX red switches that are quiet and quick to respond. Of course, if you don’t like the choice, as mentioned earlier, you can also opt to customize it.

Pros of The Asus ROG falchion Keyboard

  • It has a long-lasting battery
  • It comes with a free quality keyboard cover
  • Features wireless connectivity
  • Designed with a unique touch-based volume control
  • Has ample storage

Cons of The Asus ROG Falchion keyboard

  • The battery indicator is located on the keyboard’s side, making it hard to read
  • The cover doesn’t attach seamlessly to the keyboard
  • To customize the RGB lighting, you need a separate app

7. Keychron K12

Keychron is an underrated keyboard manufacturer as they only joined the game in 2018; however, they have consistently released quality products, including their K12 60%. To cater to a broader demographic, they fitted this keyboard with wireless and wired connections, working seamlessly.  The developers didn’t stop there; they also made it compatible with Android, Linux, and Mac devices.

It comes already fitted with Gateron G pro mechanical switches in either red or brown. Alternatively, you could opt for the hot swap version that lets you choose between Gateron G pro or the company’s optical switches.

Depending on your aesthetic, you can choose white or RGB backlighting for the keycaps. Ultimately, the best part of this keyboard is that it comes with an in-built battery that is as big as 4,000Mah. For context, this battery can easily last up to two months if you don’t use RGB lighting.

Pros of Keychron K12

  • Allows you to connect to three devices simultaneously
  • It comes with multiple hot swap switches
  • Allows both wired and wireless connections
  • It has a rigid yet stylish hardware

Cons of Keychron K12

  • Has poor latency
  • It doesn’t come with dedicated software, so you can’t program macros
  • The keyboard is thick to the point that it needs a wrist rest for comfortable use

8. Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional 2

Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional 60% Gaming keyboard

This keyboard is undoubtedly one of the most expensive ones on the market. However, if you are willing to splurge, you should consider it because the quality and unique features justify the price. It was designed with a select audience, judging by attention to detail.

It comes in unique retro hardware that consists of Japanese Topre Key switches and quality PBT keycaps. The only downside is that the keyboard isn’t arranged in the traditional layout; therefore, it will take you some time to master.

To serve quality, its switches are non-contact topre switches that guarantee a smooth key travel and high response rate. As expected, this keyboard offers both wireless and wired connections. Both choices work relatively well and can connect to three devices simultaneously without lag.

With that said, this keyboard is worth checking out, especially if you prize longevity.

Pros of This Keyboard

  • All its parts are of high quality
  • Features a seamless
  • It has a long-lasting battery life
  • It comes with rare topre keycap switches

Cons of This Keyboard

  • It doesn’t come in the traditional keyboard setup
  • Is extremely pricey

9. Fnatic Streak65 Gaming Keyboard

Considering the whole point of 60% Gaming keyboards is that you can save desk space and have a more effortless gaming experience, the Fnatic streak 65 designers focused on just that. Compared to other keyboards on this list, its keys are packed compactly to the point that the dimension of the keyboard is significantly smaller.

It has wired connectivity via a USB type c cable that is relatively rigid and high quality to prevent damage.  As for software, this keyboard comes with the company’s own Fanatic OP configuration app. It’s easy to use, allowing beginner gamers to establish customization settings.

One thing Fanatic company is known for is its slick and catchy design. Though this keyboard is more in the budget range, it still appears expensive; thus, it’s a great addition to any gaming setup.

Pros of Fanatic Streak65

  • It takes up very little desk space
  • Comfortable to use
  • It’s fairly affordable
  • It comes with four additional macro keys
  • It has a sleek and luxurious design

Cons of Fanatic Streak65

  • Its keys are close together, making it hard to use, especially in fast-paced gaming
  • It doesn’t have many customization options
  • Hard to find in the market, so finding replacement parts is hectic

The gaming community has evolved massively, and its accessories pool. One of the biggest challenges is maximizing desk space. Keyboard manufacturers came up with 60% keyboards that have all the essential keys a gamer needs. So, if you want to expand your setup or replace your keyboard, this article has everything you need.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much do 60% gaming keyboards cost?

It depends on the number of features and quality of the hardware or software you are looking to have

How many keys does a gaming keyboard have?

The number of keys differs depending on the brand. However, most of them are usually 60-something keys.

Are wired gaming keyboards better than their wireless counterparts?

Not necessarily, as it depends on preference; however, wired keyboards tend to have a slightly higher response rate compared to their wireless counterparts. On the other hand, wireless keyboards are neater as you avoid countless cables.

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