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Alt + Shift + X Keyboard Shortcut (What it Does in Different Applications)

In the realm of computer usage, keyboard shortcuts are an essential tool for enhancing productivity and efficiency. These shortcuts allow users to perform various tasks quickly and conveniently, eliminating the need for repetitive mouse movements or navigating through multiple menus. One such keyboard shortcut that holds significant importance is Alt Shift X keyboard shortcut. Under what scenarios will you need to use this shortcut, and how can it benefit you?

What is the Alt+Shift+X Keyboard Shortcut?

The Alt+Shift+x Keyboard shortcut is a combination of keys that triggers a specific action or function, depending on the software or application used. There isn’t any generic description for this shortcut, allowing users to perform various tasks using the Alt+Shift+X  shortcut based on the use program.

Popular Programs That Use  Alt+Shift+X

ProgramShortcut Function
Microsoft WordMark an index entry
Google Sheets Open Explore 
Adobe Photoshop CCExclusion
Microsoft Flight Simulator Set Com1 Standby
Archicad 24Lock X Coordinate

In addition to these specific examples, Alt+Shift+X is used in several other software applications, such as video games, photo editing software, and programming IDEs. The specific task that Alt+Shift+X performs in a particular application will depend on the specific application itself.

Practical Uses of Alt + Shift + X

Here are some of how Alt+Shift+x can be used.

Alt + Shift + X in Text Editing

The Alt + Shift + X keyboard shortcut has different practical uses in various text editing software applications. In Microsoft Word 2019, this shortcut is used to mark an index entry, while  In CherryTree 0.38.8, it is used to cut the current row or selected rows, and In QOwnNotes 19.10.10, it is used to split a note at the cursor position.

Alt Shift X in Image Editing

The Alt + Shift + X keyboard shortcut has various practical uses in image editing software programs. It can be used to toggle blending modes, change selection options, adjust views, or trigger specific features depending on the application being used.

For instance, in Krita, a popular open-source digital painting software, the Alt + Shift + X combination is used to toggle the blending mode of the selection to “Exclusion.”

In Autodesk 3ds Max, a professional 3D modeling and animation software, pressing Alt + Shift + X allows users to turn on or off the “Ignore Backfacing” option when making selections. When this option is enabled, only the visible polygons facing toward the camera are selected, ignoring any polygons that are facing away from the camera. 

Also, in Adobe Photoshop CC, a widely-used image editing software, Alt + Shift + X  is used as a shortcut to change the blending mode of a layer to “Exclusion.

Developer Tools and Web Applications

The key combination Alt + Shift + X is a commonly used shortcut in developer tools and web applications. Its functionality can vary depending on the specific tool or application being used. The Alt + Shift + X shortcut has practical uses in both pgAdmin 4.19 and Yahoo Finance charts. In pgAdmin, developers can quickly clear all breakpoints set in the debugger, streamlining the debugging process. Yahoo Finance charts enable users to toggle the display of extended hours trading data, facilitating analysis of stock price movements during non-regular trading hours.

Productivity Tools

The Alt + Shift + X keyboard shortcut has various practical uses in different productivity tools.  It allows users to efficiently access features such as data analysis, automation manipulation, text input, visualization organization, video editing, and diagram duplication.Here are some examples of its applications in specific software:

1. Google Sheets – Open Explore: In Google Sheets, pressing Alt + Shift + X opens the Explore feature. This tool allows users to analyze data, generate charts, and gain insights from their spreadsheets.

2. Avid Pro Tools 2021.6 – Cut Special Cut All Automation: In Avid Pro Tools, Alt + Shift + X performs the “Cut Special Cut All Automation” function. This action lets users remove all automation data from a selected track or region in their audio project. 

3. Dorico – System text: In Dorico, a music notation software, pressing Alt + Shift + X is used to input system text. System text is non-musical text that appears on the score, such as titles, lyrics, or performance instructions.

4. Tableau – Place selected field on Rows shelf: In Tableau, a data visualization tool, Alt + Shift + X, is utilized to place the chosen field on the row shelf. The Rows shelf is where users define the dimensions or categorical variables they want to display horizontally in their visualizations. 

5. Autodesk Flame 2019 – Cut Around Selection (All Versions/Tracks): In Autodesk Flame, a visual effects and finishing software, Alt + Shift + X is used for the “Cut Around Selection” function. This feature allows users to cut a selection out of a video clip or sequence, removing the unwanted portions.

6. – Copy size/data: In (formerly known as, a diagramming tool, Alt + Shift + X, is employed to copy the size and data of an element. This shortcut enables users to duplicate a part while preserving its dimensions and associated data, saving time and effort in creating consistent diagrams.

  • Gaming: Alt + Shift + X is a keyboard shortcut used in various gaming scenarios, including Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. In this example, Alt + Shift + X sets the Com1 radio to standby mode. This functionality benefits pilots or aviation enthusiasts who want to simulate real-world radio communication procedures.
  • Scientific Research: The Alt + Shift + X keyboard shortcut in Archicad 24 is used to lock the X coordinate of an element in the software. Archicad is a popular Building Information Modeling (BIM) software used in architectural and construction projects. This specific keyboard shortcut is a practical tool for scientific research in architecture and engineering.

In scientific research, Archicad is often utilized for creating detailed 3D models of buildings and structures. These models can be used for various purposes, such as analyzing structural integrity, simulating energy performance, and optimizing design solutions. The ability to lock the X coordinate of an element using Alt + Shift + X is advantageous when precise positioning and alignment are required.

Final Thoughts

The keyboard shortcut Alt + Shift + X is a versatile and widely used command in many software applications. Users can work more efficiently and effectively by understanding the specific functions of this shortcut in each program.

Now that you know its power and potential, put this handy shortcut to use and become a keyboard ninja, boosting your productivity and efficiency. The next time you have a task to complete or information to find, remember your new friend, Alt Shift X. It’s ready to make your tech life just a little bit simpler.

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